Acrossair Augmented Reality Browser Hits the iPhone App Store

Acrossair, one of the pioneering companies in augmented reality on the iPhone, just made it to the iPhone app store with a new app: acrossair augmented reality browser. Previous apps by Acrossair were task specific: find the Nearest Tube, Nearest Places and Nearest Tweets. Today, it’s joining the likes of Layar and Wikitude as multipurpose […]

NAB 2010 Show Sets Super Augmented Reality Session

I haven’t done many press releases as of late, but this one caught my eye due to the various partners involved–“Key Figures from Nokia Research Center, Total Immersion, Walt Disney Imagineering & More To Discuss Cutting-Edge Blend of Reality and Computer Generated Content.” *** press release *** WASHINGTON – The NAB Show, the annual conference […]

Augmented Reality at the Mobile World Congress

Next week, February 15-18th, will be the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  There will be a variety of AR related events during the MWC. AR Showcase Christine Perey has organized an AR Showcase on Wednesday, February 17th from 5:00-7:00, so AR companies can demonstrate their services and products to customers.  Designers will also have a chance to […]

Weekly Linkfest

The time has come for another fun-packed linkfest. But before we begin, a special message to those of you who like beer as much as AR, and live in the vicinity of Munich. Toby of is inviting you to the first Munich AR regulars’ table. You can find more details here, and don’t forget […]

Who Should Attend The Augmented Reality Event in Santa Clara, CA June 2nd & 3rd, 2010

Over the last 2 years we have seen growing interest in Augmented Reality in various events – panels, dev camps, meetups – and many more. Due to growing demand for knowledge and expertise in augmented reality (AR), a group of AR industry insiders, backed by the AR Consortium have put together the first commercial event […]

Augmented Reality Panel at Web 2.0 Expo and Explosion in AR Meetups

Don’t you love going to conferences that take place in your home town? And how about being invited to talk about your #1 passion? Double awesome. Last November, I was lucky enough to participate in a panel about augmented reality at the Web 2.0 Expo. (In all fairness, it was part of Web2Open co-located with […]

Best Selling Augmented Reality Games of 2009

In my pursuit of the ultimate augmented reality game – 2009 was a landmark year. From 0 to 30 selling games in 4 months is nothing short of stunning (and makes my 2010 prediction of 10x more AR games – not too bold…;) 2009 was the year AR games broke from the lab into the […]

Weekly Linkfest

Before the linkfest, let me share some exciting news. Starting from tomorrow, and throughout the week, I’ll be posting augmented reality predictions for 2010 from top AR luminaries. But wait, there’s more – I’m hoping to harness wisdom of the very smart crowds reading this blog, by putting on a survey were you can vote […]

ISMAR 2009 Epilogue: A New Augmented Reality World Order

ISMAR 2009 is over. It was the best of times. Augmented to the Nth degree. How does the world of Augmented Reality looks like in the morning after? Eager, revolutionary, strong, creative, responsible, loving – with a speck of a hang over. Does it feel any different than before? Well, a few tectonic plates have […]

Live from ISMAR 2009: Starts Today with Innovation Workshops – Mobile Augmented Reality

ISMAR 2009 is starting Today. Woo-hoo! Looks like a true conference. Beyond the strong presence of researchers – many start ups, game developers, artists, press. The augmented reality industry is forming in front of our eyes. Multiple interesting innovation workshops are on the agenda for today. I am joining the Mobile Magic Wand workshop. Christine […]