Live from GDC: Augmented Reality at the Game Developers Conference – by the Numbers

Reporting live from The Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, with my Augmented Reality filter on – here are the stats: 0 (Zero) Number of mentions of Augmented Reality during Sid Meier’s keynote – the game design legend behind “Civilization” Truth be told –  also missing from the keynote were mobile games, social games, casual […]

GDC 2009 Roundup: a (tiny) spark of augmented reality

The dust over GDC 2009 has settled a while ago and finally I got to reflect on the AR experience at the show.  Guess which headline would summarize it best: a) augmented reality was the talk of the show b) the expo floor was swarming with AR demos c) AR games snatched lucrative game awards […]

To BeAR or not to BeAR?

Thomas Baekdal put together a nice post about PlayStation Eye Camera Games. These are the kind of games Diarmid Campbell demonstrated live on stage while delivering the unforgettable keynote at ISMAR 2008 last week. Purists would rant it’s not augmented reality: If a game takes place on screen, the fact that you interact with it […]


Due to popular demand, we have created a reference to all ISMAR ’08 posts mapped to the event’s program. Here it is – your ISMAR 2008 trip report. Welcome to ISMAR 2008 Sept 15th (Monday) Workshops and Tutorials 9.00-12.30: Tutorial on Augmented Reality at Professional Broadcast Quality –  Graham Thomas (was in the parallel session, […]

Live from ISMAR ’08: The dARk side of Physical Gaming

Welcome to the late evening keynote of the second day of ISMAR ’08 in Cambridge. The keynote speaker is Diarmid Campbell, from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (London), and heads its research on camera gaming. And we are covering it in real time. Diarmid comes on stage. the crowed is going crazy… The talk: Out of […]

Live from ISMAR ’08 in Cambridge: Enjoy the Weather…

“Enjoy the weather” uttered sarcastically a kindhearted British witch (aka air hostess) while we were leaving the aircraft; surprisingly – we did in the first day. We were then promised this is accidental and surely the last day of summer. Splendid. I have landed in Cambridge, UK (where people go to augment their reality) and […]

Live from E3 ’09: The Return of the Glitz or the Future of Gaming?

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is the bastion of the video games business. If GDC is for developers, E3 is for the suites and the media, the best timing to launch a new game, console, or business in the interactive entertainment world. This event typically epitomizes the progressive blending of movies and games and this year […]