Three Comments on Wikitude’s Augmented World Trade Center

So, Mobilizy just released a new update for Wikitude, one that allows you to point your phone at ground zero and see a 3d virtual version of the Twin Towers on the phone’s screen. First we should congratulate Mobilizy for intergrating 3d objects into Wikitude. That’s only two weeks after Layar made a similar move. […]

Press Release: Mobilizy Releases WIKITUDE 3 and an Enhanced Version of

From our friends at Mobilizy, this exciting press release: SALZBURG, Austria: AUGUST 26TH 2009. Mobilizy GmbH introduces WIKITUDE 3 for the Android OS and relaunches a completely new geo-tagging platform.  WIKITUDE 3 is the latest release of the Wikitude World Browser, the premiere mobile AR application for Android, which displays location-based, geo-specific content in […]

Sneak Peek into AWE-inspiring Agenda at AWE 2013!

Augmented World Expo is proud to unveil details about the 2 1/2 day journey deep into the Augmented World: 4 awe-inspiring headliners, 35 hours of AWEsome sessions, shock-an-AWE activities, and an Expo that will leave you AWEstruck. Did we mention the conference’s short name is AWE…? For details about speakers go here. Or for participating companies […]

Weekly Linkfest

Oh my, what an interesting week for augmented reality, especially in the business front: Nokia Beta Labs revealed Live View, a revolutionary mobile augmented reality application. Well, unless you consider Wikitude, Layar, Junaio and many other “AR browsers” that came out in the last three years. Nokia was once a leader in AR research, it’s a […]

Weekly Augmented Reality Linkfest

ARE2011 is only two days away, and I’m going to miss it (this time its my fault, and I can’t blame Delta Airways). I’m a lame excuse for an AR blogger, I know. If you go there, please shoot some videos and share! Here are a few AR news stories to make the wait seem […]

Weekly Augmented Reality Linkfest

Took a break last week (missed me? you should follow me on Twitter), back today with many AR links: Happy Mother’s Day! It can be even happier if you get your Mom an AR cake (via DMFO) Tish Shute and Ori Inbar hold an interview with Bruce Sterling – it doesn’t make sense to write […]

Help Understand Mobile AR Usage, Win 50 Euros

If you are a user of one the mobile AR applications, such as Layar, Junaio, Wikitude, Google Goggles (or any of the many others), and would like to help the (academic) research of augmented reality, boy do Markus Salo and Thomas Olsson have an offer for you. The two researchers from Finland ask you to […]

Weekly Augmented Reality Linkfest

This tradition cannot be stopped, here’s another weekly linkfest: Pocket Lint posted many articles about AR celebrating “AR Week“, and I must admit that I haven’t read any one of those yet for a lack of time. But they do seem interesting though! Sony follows Nintendo’s lead, and demos augmented reality on the next gen […]

Augmented Reality in 2010 – How Did Our Predictions Fare?

Last year I asked a group of AR bloggers and the readers of Games Alfresco and Augmented Times to guess what 2010 holds for augmented reality. You can see them all here. A year has passed, and 2011 is just around the corner, it’s time to confront reality and check how prescient were we. Remember, […]

Post Christmas Linkfest

I hope you’ve all have been nice kids during the last year, because here’s a bag of links for you: Congrats to Thomas for getting his first book, “The Digital Sea“, published! AR over hyped? Most augmented reality companies not doing augmented reality? Yes, according to Forrester, but there’s some hope for the future. You […]