Weekly Linkfest

Not going to ISMAR :\. Since going to Florida is not an easy trip for me, I would have like to stay there for more than a couple of days. However, my current workload maje such a vacation impossible. I’m sure Ori and Thomas will do a great work covering it. In the meantime, I’ll […]

Weekly Linkfest

As usual, here’s a bunch of links to augmented reality related news bits that have accumulated in my inbox during the week: There’s no end to the augmented reality browsers phenomenon. Cyclopedia is yet another browser that is based on Wikipedia, Bradesco is helping you find your way around Brazil, and AugmentThis! lets you upload […]

Weekly Linkfest

Let’s try to make this week’s linkfest as concise as possible: Tish Shute interviews Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion for UgoTrade. Blair Mcintyre: “Has AR taken off? Is it finally here?“, check out the quote below. Augmented reality tested on board the international space station, to help astronauts in maintenance tasks. Another pseudo-AR game […]

Follow Friday – AR Favorites in Twitter (part two)

Continuing my endeavor from last week, here are some more recommended accounts to follow on Twitter if you are interested in augmented reality. As promised, today I’m going to focus on mobile augmented reality companies. But first, let me just add two more guys that I absentmindedly missed last time. @chrisgrayson – Chris is the […]

Augmented Times in Paris

Just a short tweet, to show you I’m still alive (actually, it was a tweet a few hours ago). Unfortunately, I’m not in Paris, but working hard at the moment. However, this next video presents an iPhone app that augments Paris (and looks suspiciously like acrossair applications). It’s called M├ętro Paris, and the augmented reality […]

Layar, Layar, Layar

If you read this post, you are probably an avid reader of this blog. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you are probably interested in AR. If you are interested in AR, you probably know that Layar had a fantastic day, at least PR wise: VentureBeat – “Augmented reality browser Layar expands […]

Two More AR Browsers to Join the Party

Are you a Wikitude or Layar supporter? Maybe Sekai Camera fan? The battle for supremacy at the augmented reality browsers market is getting more complicated by the minute, with two new contenders joining the fight. First, acrossair which brought us the Tube Finder, is now showing off a very slick “general purpose” AR browser for […]

Pseudo AR Games FTW!

A short post to keep you warm while I’m working on a longer series of posts I hope you all find interesting. Anyway, just two days ago I wrote about Acrossair new shooting game, Virus Killer 360: And I also mentioned iPhone ARKit, an interesting open source project to facilitate augmented reality development for the […]

Weekly Linkfest

Another week passed by, and I was especially lazy this week. Sorry, but apart from those augmented strippers from Monday, nothing excited me enough (or annoyed me enough) to write a post about. Which means, we have an extra long linkfest today. However before we start, I would like to learn a thing or two […]

Weekly Linkfest

Here are just some of the things that happened this week in the realm of Augmented Reality, which I didn’t have the time to write a whole post about. It’s going to be a long post, you may want to prepare a snack before you go ahead. Ori gave another interview to Tish Shute, this […]