ARTags – The Sign of Apps to Come

I hate it when I’m scheduling a post just to find out that someone else (this time Augmented Planet) publish a post about it just a day before my goes up. Luckily ARTags is important enough to deserve two posts within 24 hours. Coming to us from France, ARTags is an AR drawing application, that […]

Weekly Linkfest

First, and foremost, I owe an apology to Total Immersion which I criticized for having an invitation only event (AR-Immersion). They have kindly reminded me that their event is free of charge, unlike other similar events. Anyway, you can ask for an invitation here. Now that this is behind us, here are other things that […]

Weekly Linkfest

On this edition of the weekly linkfest, face detection, bug squishing and Hollywood stars. Real time and quite robust face tracking on Nokia N900 from researchers at the University of Manchester. Not originally part of an AR project, but could be easily become one. [Via Zugara] Congrats to Kooaba for landing a $3 million funding […]

Weekly Linkfest – The Justin Bieber Edition

This linkfest has nothing to do with Justin Bieber, and everything to do with augmented reality news bites from the last week. I’m just checking if the mere inclusion of Mr. Bieber in the title will generate more hits. Christopher Mitchell hacked together a Vuzix VR920 HUD and eeePC to create a basic facial recognition […]

Short Interview – Celebrating Layar’s First Year

It was the early days of June when I first reported about Layar, the brain child of the small Dutch team behind SPRXMobile. Two weeks later it went public, followed by what can only be described as a media frenzy. One year later, Layar is quickly becoming synonymous to mobile AR*: Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, one of […]

Augmented Reality Farmville

Addicted to Farmville? Have a green thumb but no garden? Envy real farmers but got allergies? The guys from TU Munich have the perfect solution for you: Augmented Farmville could be one heck of a layer for Layar/Junaio/Wikitude once better positioning is available. Think of the gold rush to get a virtual plot in major […]

Weekly Linkfest

I’m back! (but not for long, following the augmented reality event I’ll be mostly offline for three weeks). Speaking of augmented reality events, this week’s linkfest is full of talks from other events that took place recently: Total Immersion’s presentation on the augmented reality business event in Germany. You can skip the first part of […]

10 Cool Things Going On Right Now in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has come a long way in a years time.  Last year I got excited by research projects and gimmicky AR webcam advertising, but that quickly faded on the tenth plus iteration.  It wasn’t until July that we starting having real AR products in the form of apps.  Nearly a year later and still […]

Weekly Linkfest

Today, I’m limiting myself to six bullet points or less, let’s see how it goes: Augmented Planet have a short tutorial on how to build an AR application in one hour using the Wikitude API. Metaio had a grate week, launching a treasure hunt game at SXSW, entering the “nearest x” market, and demoing this […]

Augmented Reality at the Mobile World Congress

Next week, February 15-18th, will be the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  There will be a variety of AR related events during the MWC. AR Showcase Christine Perey has organized an AR Showcase on Wednesday, February 17th from 5:00-7:00, so AR companies can demonstrate their services and products to customers.  Designers will also have a chance to […]