Weekly Linkfest

Let’s try to make this week’s linkfest as concise as possible:

  • Tish Shute interviews Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion for UgoTrade.
  • Blair Mcintyre: “Has AR taken off? Is it finally here?“, check out the quote below.
  • Augmented reality tested on board the international space station, to help astronauts in maintenance tasks.
  • Another pseudo-AR game whose goal is to catch ethereal creatures – Fairy Trails.
  • Intel looks into augmented reality devices.
  • Total Immersion (those from the first bullet) created a bumping-cars game for Six Flags.
  • You know that AR is really hot when (French) politicians start to use it in their press conferences (powered again by Total Immersion).

AR Browsers:

Ad campaigns of the week:

This week’s quote comes from Blair’s post I’ve mentioned above (and yes, I took it out of context, because I’m a blogger!):

Now that the time is here, now that the promised AR apps can be published in the iTunes store, will they be able to live up to their claims, or will they (and their claims) fade away? I suspect things will die down for a little while. At least, I hope things die down for a while

And this week’s video comes from YDreams, and you have probably seen it before. It’s called Flyar, and it’s an interactive screen saver that shows you Twitter updates with birds that respond to your hand-gestures, a la EyeToy. Yeah, the video makes it clearer:

boof! that was a long one!
Have a nice week!

Weekly Linkfest

Hope you didn’t miss the weekly linkfest’s early edition, published yesterday, covering some of the best articles, posts and talks that were published during the week. Here are some more interesting bits from around the AR ecosystems making news this week:

And finally, this week video comes from Hongik University of South Korea. It shows a project named “Will be”, created in 2004 (and presented in ISMAR05), which is the augmented reality take on a story board. It’s quite nice, though some of the features could have been more accessible if they were implemented via standard GUI, rather than ARUI:

Have a nice week!

Boy Meets Girl Remake: Virtual Boy Meets Real Girl

YDreams’ Flapi will flip your mind.

You all know the classic story: boy meets girl; girl plays with boy; boy falls in love with girl; girl leaves…

Maria Palma just shared with me YDream‘s take on the story, featuring their virtual Mascot, Flapi the cute, and an even more cute – real girl (the Creative Director’s daughter which totally steals the show).

I like the attempt for drama driven by the interaction between real and virtual.

But I’d love to see this on a portable device. The girl should see Flapi in her field of view avoiding the need to turn her head to watch it on the screen.

YDreams response: they’re thinking about it…

This demo (based on their SimVideo augmented reality platform) and others were presented by YDreams’ CEO, Antonio Camara, at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas this week.

YDreams wasn’t the only AR company to present at the event: Total Immersion made a splash as well.