About The Authors

Ori Inbar

Founder of Ogmento (formerly Pookatak Games); President of the Augmented Reality Consortium.

formerly senior vice president at SAP, and eternally passionate about interactive entertainment.

Contact: ori.inbar [at] pookatak [dot] com

Ori Inbar is the co-founder and CEO of Augmented Reality.ORG, a global non-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing augmented reality (AR).

Augmented Reality.ORG’s mission is to promote the true potential of AR, and hatch augmented reality initiatives that offer unique value to its active users.


In 2009, Ori was the co-founder and CEO of Ogmento, one of the first venture-backed companies conceived from the ground up to develop and publish augmented reality games – games that are played in the real world.


Ori has been an enterprising champion of the augmented reality industry since 2007. He established Games Alfresco – a leading augmented reality blog that helped popularize AR, and co-founded the Augmented World Expo (AWE) – the world’s largest and most influential conference for AR – now in its 4th year.

Ori is a recognized speaker in the AR industry as well as a sought after adviser for augmented reality startups.


Previously, as Senior Vice President of Solution Marketing for SAP’s platform, Ori was responsible for the positioning and marketing of SAP NetWeaver – which under his leadership grew from a mere concept to a billion dollar business for SAP.

Prior to SAP, Ori joined TopTier Software, as one of the first employees of this start-up.

He lead the development and introduction to the market of more than 15 multimedia and business applications including the world’s leading enterprise portal, which in 2001 was acquired by SAP for $400 Million.

Previously, as Senior Vice President of Solution Marketing for SAP’s platform, Ori was recently responsible for the positioning and marketing of SAP NetWeaver, Enterprise SOA and SAP’s ecosystem. The job entailed figuring out how to improve businesses across multiple industries, defining for SAP what products to develop, and then, convincing businesses to acquire those products. He spoke about his vision in dozens of industry events and press conferences, including delivering keynote speeches across the world from Sao Paulo to Tokyo.

Ori lead the development and introduction to the market of more than 15 enterprise software applications. Over the past 5 years, SAP NetWeaver has grown from a mere concept to a billion dollar business for SAP. It has become the primary IT force in SAP’s huge ecosystem, and its visionary approach to service-oriented solutions is influencing the entire business solutions industry.

Prior to SAP, Ori joined TopTier Software (formerly Quicksoft), as employee #6 of this start-up. He lead the development of multimedia products and business applications. In 2000, as the company first product manager, he introduced to the market the world’s #1 corporate portal. TopTier was acquired by SAP.

Ori graduated from Tel Aviv University with a double major in Computer Science and Cinema. He completed the business leadership program at INSEAD.
While a student in the early nineties, he co-developed a game that introduced a never seen before concept:  artificial intelligence-based avatars that act in a malleable plot that is directed by the player. It was a lot of fun.

Rouli Nir

A network algorithms developer by day, and an augmented reality enthusiast by night. He is the proud owner of bachelor degrees in computer science and in mathematics from Tel Aviv university, where he also recently completed his MSc studies in the field of distributed computing. He has past work experience in protocol research and developement for linux based systems and still has a keen interest in both topics, as in other, less common areas.

Thomas K. Carpenter

Tom Carpenter works for Toyota as an Engineering Manager in the St. Louis area and has a degree in Metallurgial Engineering and a Masters in Business. He has a passion for augmented reality and other tech-heady technologies that change the way we interact with the world. When he’s not writing about augmented reality on Games Alfresco, he’s busy writing science fiction short stories and novels. Tom believes in the art of the possible and that learning without failure is just following directions. Tom has started a music festival, played collegiate soccer, written code, jumped from airplanes (with a parachute), traveled extensively, and is currently in the messy, but fun process of raising a family.


38 Responses

  1. Ori,
    Thanks for the comment and link! Your blog is great.


  2. Hi Ori,

    Please send me an email when you can, I’d like to talk with you more about Microvision’s developments for AR.


  3. Hello there, thanks for commenting on my Augmented reality blog entry, it is amazing stuff!!

    I noticed on your blogger account that you had moved to WordPress. I was wondering if you could give me some advice about transferring from blogger to WordPress – bit of a dumb question I guess.

    Do you have your WordPress blog hosted,how did you decide on the theme etc.

    Any help appreciated
    Chris, sparkbouy@gmail.com

    PS: I like the blog and have subscribed to RSS

  4. I really appreciate your blog.
    I work for atnp lab (applied technology for neuropsychology) in Milan (www.neurovr.org)
    we are organizing the next cybertherapy conference june 2009 in italy (www.cybertherapy.info)
    I found a picture in your site i would like to publish on the new web site i am working on for the conference.
    It’s the picture with the old man with a “prehistoric” HMD.
    Can you give me your permission?
    I send the link of your blog to all our researchers (augmented reality is one of our issues)

    Tks for attention
    Cinzia V.

  5. […] 18, 2008 Of course I envy Ori attending this year´s ISMAR in Cambridge. Inspring speeches, groundbraking demos and a very cosy […]

  6. Hi,

    We thought you and your visitors might be interested to hear about a new Alternate Reality Game that we’re putting together.

    “Traces of Hope” is being launched as the first ever charity online ARG and is being built by the British Red Cross to coincide with its Civilians and Conflict month. The game features Joseph a sixteen-years-old caught up in the Ugandan civil war, separated from his family, hungry and alone in a camp overflowing with thousands forced to flee, Joseph is desperately seeking his mother. But he needs your help…

    Registration will open on Sunday 28th but until then there’s a teaser page at http://www.tracesofhope.com and a teaser video at http://www.vimeo.com/1811645

    We’d really appreciate a link to the game or any coverage you could provide. Any questions please let me know,



  7. Hi Ori!

    Great blog!

    Please send me an E-mail when you can, I’d like to talk more about Pookatak // AR games // metaio.


  8. thak you for your blog, really interesting, a perfect independent poit of view in the upcoming AR market and techs.


  9. Dear Ori,

    we met at WARM09 in Graz, I was quite delighted after your remarkable keynote and I asked you whether you would publish the slides. You responded that you’d rather produce it as a video and post it here.

    Did you do that already? I can not find it.

    In any case, I think that everybody here would be delighted to see that video. – Would you be so kind as to drop me a mail when it is finished?

    Thank you,
    best, Sven

  10. […] door een andere bril zien. Bekijk het filmpje en/of klik door naar Youtube of check het blog van Ori Inbar. Zo blijf je op de hoogte van de toekomst, want de toekomst is […]

  11. […] door een andere bril zien. Bekijk het filmpje en/of klik door naar Youtube of check het blog van Ori Inbar. Zo blijf je op de hoogte van de toekomst, want de toekomst is […]

  12. Great blog. I’ll be linking it on mine – The Future Digital Life.

    I’m an avid gamer, an AR enthusist and also a fledgling author currently writing an AR-based novel (the genre needs a catchy name, and cyberpunk ain’t it) called The Digital Sea.

    I’m curious if you’d recommend any AR software out there to play around with? I checked out some of the Engines links, but some were broken or were too hardcore for the casual AR enthusist.

    Again, great site, I’ve been on it about an hour or so clicking around all the great information.

  13. […] I talked to Ori Inbar (above), formerly senior vice- president at SAP.  Ori is on a mission to make augmented reality […]

  14. […] reality lately.  And key thought leaders in this space, like Blair MacIntyre, Robert Rice and Ori Inbar (see my interview here), have clued me in how vital it is, for an ubiquitous experience, for us to […]

  15. […] letter have been published by Ori Inbar Share and […]

  16. […] talks with key players in the rapidly emerging augmented reality industry with an interview with Ori Inbar, co-founder of Ogmento. For Ori’s full bio see here.  Ori not only has a passion for […]

  17. ISMAR ’09

    Any idea when decisions will be made about who’s going to be presenting at the ISMAR ’09 event? We submitted at the end of May but have not heard anything or seen anything indicating that selections have been made. Just wondering if you had any inside knowledge?


  18. Just came across the concept of AR.

    We have developed a Knowledge Correlation Engine that will be the third way of addressing stores of information beyond Search and Computation (Wolfram Alpha).

    Would like to explore any areas of cooperation between our approach and the AR world.


  19. “Knowledge Correlation Engine” ?
    You mean like if sufficiant information is semanticaly linked, then it could flag/deduce likely correlations? Ive often pondered on that subject, and played enough to make my own semantic engine from scratch but I never took it far enough to get to the knowledge correlation stage.
    That could be an incredibly powerfull tool.

    That is, if I’m understanding it all correctly…which I’m probably not.

  20. Hi Ori,

    really a great Blog!

    A plenty of interesting resources for Augmented Reality passionates and professionals…



  21. thanks for the comments and link to Tish’s article and interview with me…I have been a fan of your work for a while …small world …

  22. Hi Ori,

    I would like to invite you to a web conference in Germany spring 2010. Drop me a line if you are interested. I will send you then an email with further details.

    Best regards,

  23. Great Presentation at NYTech meetup. Great that you chose a Panda for the spelling game. My wife and I hope that our soon to be born will like Panda’s too. What projects do you have for elderly people?

  24. […] a bit of news, I am co-chairing the upcoming Augmented Reality Event (are2010) with Ori Inbar of Games Alfresco and Ogmento, whurley.  Sean Lowery, Prospera, is the event organizer, and […]

  25. […] a bit of news, I am co-chairing the upcoming Augmented Reality Event (are2010) with Ori Inbar of Games Alfresco andOgmento, whurley.  Sean Lowery, Prospera, is the event organizer, […]

  26. Hi Ori.

    I have actually made a pair of unobtrusive sunglasses with screens inside.

    I write this to maybe find somebody who both sees the benefits of truly workable dataglasses and who has some basic electronics skills to help me perfect them…

    Below is a link with a description:



  27. Staffan,

    You should bring those to the ARE2010 event in June. We’ll have a number of optics companies there to discuss AR glasses and that would be a perfect place to show your demo. If you’re interested in joining the discussion, let me know.


  28. First of all, great blog! It’s been very useful during the project I’m about to present. Me and a friend just finished our master thesis about AR in the near future, and mainly how to interact.
    Just thought I’d post it here to gather some comments, if anyone has any :)

  29. Hi,

    Hoping you guys can help….

    I’m trying to source a ‘white label’ version of space invaders that uses augmented reality that we can customise to fire tennis balls!

    I’m wondering if you know anyone who’s created a AR space invaders game and what the cost of creating a licensed version would be?


  30. Hi Ben,

    Your man is Josh Shabtai (Vertigore) the creator of Star Wars Falcon Gunner AR game. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you the contact info.
    comogard [at] gmail [dot] com

    Good luck,

  31. […] wollen alt und jung davor bewahren, sich vor ihren Bildschirmen zu verlieren“, schwärmt Ori Inbar, ein ehemaliger SAP-Manager, der heute in New York den Branchenverband Augmented Reality Consortium […]

  32. Hi Ori, we have done Angry Birds in AR :)

  33. i want to make a simple AR first person shooter game….what is the best toolkit well help me to do that

  34. […] Ori Inbar developed a passion for augmented reality (AR) ever since he realized that it will change every aspect of life and work we can think of. This realization has motivated him to become an industry start-up entrepreneur, a founder of a not-for-profit organization, an event organizer and a recognized speaker on topics related to augmented reality. Thus I was very happy to get him for an interview on Singularity 1 on 1. […]

  35. Good day! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any suggestions?

  36. Do you want unlimited content for your page ?

    I am sure you spend a lot of time posting
    articles, but you can save it for other tasks,
    just search in google: kelombur’s favorite tool

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