My Work

A collection of videos depicting my Augmented Reality work as designer, producer, presenter, or editor:

2014 – “Smart Glasses Report: Towards 1 Billion Shipments” at InsideAR 2014

2014 – “Make the World Interactive” at Embedded Vision Summit (co-located with AWE 2014)

Augmented Reality as the Interface Between Wearable Tech and the Internet of Things

2014 – AWE 2014 Opening Keynote

2013 – Play in the Now – TEDx (SiliconAlley) Talk

2013 – Available: Augmented Faces – hack for iPhone that anyone can try
(based on idea by Barry Cole)

2012 – Published: Pepsi Max Promotion – Bottle used as beat box – App  for iPhone and Android

Designed by Ori Inbar, Programmed by Patrick O’Shaughnessey (Patched Reality) for Alenby and Pepsi Israel

2012 – Prototype: Pet Detective – Hide and Seek game. Tested with children by Nickelodeon.

Developed by Ogmento

2012 – Prototype: Bubble Count game. Tested with children by Nickelodeon

Developed by Ogmento

2012 Prototype: Tank on the streets and on stage shoots through walls for iPhone

Developed by Ogmento

2012 – Prototype: Circavore – The Hungry Caterpillar who eats real  circles

Developed by Ogmento

2012 – Mountain Dew app – App developed for iPhone

Developed by Ogmento

2012 – Prototype: Combo Lock Game on Mountain Dew Bottle

Developed by Ogmento

2012 – Proof of concept: Shape-Shifting Mountain Dew Bottle

Developed by Ogmento

2012 – Demo: Hoops on Everything

Developed by Ogmento

2011 – Demo: Leviathan Augmented Reality Game triggered from circles

Developed by Ogmento

2011 – Published: NBA – King of the Court – a location based game published for iphone and android

Developed by Ogmento

2011 – Published: Paranormal Activity – a location based and augmented reality Ghost hunting game published for iPhone and Android

Developed by Ogmento

2011 – Lazer Tag Demo Teaser

Developed by Ogmento

2010 – Prototype: Sketch-a-race – Augmented Reality demo by Ogmento for iphone and iPad

Developed by Ogmento

2010 – Published: Ring Toss game app developed for DosXX

Developed by Ogmento

2010 – Published game: Dinosaur Train AR

In this, the first Jim Henson Company online augmented reality experience for preschoolers, kids can hatch a baby dinosaur from an egg, and interact with it by pressing virtual buttons on a printout that they present to their webcam. Developed with PatchedReality for The Jim Henson Company. Utilizes natural feature tracking, which eliminates the need for a black and white fiducial marker.


2009 – Augmented Reality Glove – Collaboration with Noah Zerkin (Noah designed and built it, I ran  business Development)

2009  published:  iPhone in iPhone – app developed for Orange Telecom

Developed by Ogmento, Arballoon and Magitech

2009   Put a Spell – Learn to Spell with an Augmented Reality Game. First AR game developed for  the iPhone

Produced by Ogmento, Developed by Arballoon, Snowball VFX, and Magitech


Walk Through

2009   Published: Penguin Publishing – vampire Academy book promotion app for webcams

Developed by Ogmento

2009   Published: SAP Ecosystem Hub – Promotion experienced on webcams

Developed by Ori Inbar and Patrick O’Shaughnessey

2008 Dancing Teeth – Concept Video for an Augmented Reality Application

Concept by Ori Inbar

Concept for an Augmented Reality app: Pick a song on your smartphone and point it to someone’s mouth – the teeth will dance based on the music!
Concept by Ori Inbar based on Terry Gilliam’s animation.

2008 Concept Video: Augmented Reality Demo for American Museum of Natural History

Concept by Ori Inbar and Snowball VFX

2008 – Concept for Augmented Reality Game – La Linea Real

Concept by Ori Inbar

2008  Concept Video : Real Streets AR (2008) –  Outdoor Augmented Reality Games

Concept by Ori Inbar

2006 Collaborative video – created by a swarm of film makers around the world

Concept by Ori Inbar and Sigal Arad Inbar

Presentations, Panels, Interviews

2014 – CE WEEK Panel “Your Third Eye: Augmented Reality in the Age of Wearables”

2014 – Make the World Interactive at AR Summit Shanghai

2013 – Presentation at the Embedded Vision Alliance Member Meeting

2013 – Interview with Socrates for Singularity 1-on-1

2012 – Interview with pre ARE 2012

2010 – Interview with Damon Hernandez, Metaverse

2009 Where 2.0 Conference Panel

2009 – Presentation at Porter Novelli

2009 Presentation at Warm’09

ARNY Meetups



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