AWE 2013 Early Bird Rate Expires in 1 Week

Momentum is rapidly building for Augmented World Expo™ (AWE), the world’s largest expo dedicated to the augmented world. Registration is trending toward 1000+ AR professionals and over 100 leading augmented reality innovators have confirmed participation in AWE 2013. The agenda for our conference is shaping up to make this edgy conference the most important event of 2013.

Register now with our Early Bird Rate, which will be expiring in just one week (April 9th) and save $200!
After April 9th the full conference pass price will increase to $595.

If you’re interested to see what Augmented Reality is all about, you won’t want to miss this high-power meeting of the minds featuring 5 AWE-inspiring headliners, 35 hours of AWEsome sessions, shock-and-AWE activities, and an Expo that will leave you AWEstruck.

Keynote speakers confirmed: Bruce Sterling (“The prophet of AR”) and Will Wright (legendary creator of The Sims and reality gaming) will return with mind blowing keynotes. We’ve also added Philip Rosedale (creator of Second Life), Toni Ahonen (former Nokia executive and author of 12 best selling books on mobile tech), and Steve Mann (inventor who’s been designing and using AR eyewear for over 30 years). 

Start building your own customized schedule today by saving to your calendar your preferred sessions out of this amazing 110 speaker lineup.

Top 3 Reasons to Attend AWE 2013

1000+ AR professionals — find AWEsome products and partners
35 hours of AWE-Inspiring sessions by top industry innovators
100+ demos of “Augmented Humans in an Augmented World”

Augmented World Expo will showcase the best in augmented experiences covering all aspects of life: health, education, emergency response, art, media and entertainment, retail, manufacturing, brand engagement, travel, automotive, urban design, and more. It will be the largest exposition to bring together technologies for Augmented Humans in an Augmented World, including emerging interrelated technologies such as augmented reality, gesture interaction, wearables computing, smart things & robotics, cloud & big data, and 3D printing.

The AWE 2013 program includes:

  • Pre-Event Tutorial (Mon. pm) – review and comparison of the best AR SDKs
  • Keynotes – 5 mind blowing presentations by industry luminaries
  • The Talks – 30 hours of sessions in 3 tracks: Business, Technology, and Design
  • The Auggies –  Awards for the best of the best in augmented reality
  • The ARt Gala – AR art displays by top artists and a food and drinks reception
  • The Startup Launch Pad – Showcase for innovative startups and a competition
  • The Conference Expo – Leading AR companies display their products in the expo

AWE 2013 will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, on June 4-5, 2013.
Don’t miss out on our special Early Bird Rate. Register now

About is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing and promoting the true potential of augmented reality. As trusted partner of its members and supporters, facilitates and catalyzes the global and regional transformation of the AR industry. also owns and produces the largest international event for augmented reality and the global forum for AR innovation: Augmented World Expo (formerly Augmented Reality Event). All profits from the event are reinvested into’s industry services.

Sneak Peek into AWE-inspiring Agenda at AWE 2013!

Augmented World Expo is proud to unveil details about the 2 1/2 day journey deep into the Augmented World: 4 awe-inspiring headliners, 35 hours of AWEsome sessions, shock-an-AWE activities, and an Expo that will leave you AWEstruck.

Did we mention the conference’s short name is AWE…?

For details about speakers go here. Or for participating companies – here.

Pre-event (Monday, June 3rd)


1) Tutorial for AR developers

The 3 hour session will be lead by Patrick O’Shaughnessey who’ll review the best AR SDKs in the market and how to get started, followed by vendor presentations featuring: Vuforia by Qualcomm, Metaio, Total Immersion, Layar, Wikitude, 13th Lab

2) International Hardware Start up Meetup

AWE is hosting the first International Hardware Startup Meetup that  will bring hardware startups from across the world. On fire on kickstarter, these startups are not only reinventing manufacturing with digital design, manufacture as service, 3D printing, and robotics, they are also changing the landscape of human computer interaction.  Wearables, eyewear, gesture interfaces, and a plethora of “connected things” are bringing clouds and atoms together in new ways to create one the most important new opportunities for the augmented world since smart phones and GPS.

Headlining (Tuesday, June 4th)

Bruce Sterling
Sterling is an American science fiction author who is best known for his novels and his work on the MirrorShades anthology which helped define the cyberpunk genre. In the last few years, Bruce has been regarded as the prophet of augmented reality, covering and critiquing the emerging field and has headlined previous ARE events.

Toni Ahonen
The former Nokia executive and author of 12 best selling books on mobile is best known for his TEDx talk where he describes augmented reality as the 8th mass medium and predicts 1 billion AR users by 2020.

Will Wright
Wright, the legendary creator of SimCity, The Sims, and Spore – may share for the first time his new endeavor in personal games – new concepts to expand the realm of gaming into our everyday lives. Or maybe he’ll talk about the Russian space program.

Philip Rosedale
The creator of Second Life shares learnings from building a virtual reality world that apply to building an augmented reality world.

Featured Talks in the Main Theater (June 4-5th)

1) The Augmented World Experience

Avi Bar-Zeev (RealityPrime)
Inside the looking glass: super powers through augmented perception and interaction.

Amber Case (CEO, GeoLoqi, Acquired by ESRI)
Future of Wearable Computing: Constraint, Context and Location.
This talk will focus on trends in wearable computing starting from the 1970’s-2010’s and how mobile interfaces should take advantage of location, proximity and haptics to help improve our lives instead of get in the way.

Ben Cerveny (Grey Area Foundation for the Arts)
Tending your Ambient Computational Metabolism.
As we become continuous users of a whole host of processes running in the cloud on our behalf, accessible across myriad touch points and interfaces, we need to develop relationships with these tools that span individual devices and contexts, and allow us to see how whole systems are affecting us and how we’re affecting those systems. We will tend to a huge metabolism of computation in which we live our everyday lives.

Tish Shute (Stupid Fun Club)
Parsing Reality – how the vision of Augmented Reality evolved into the Augmented World.

2) Startup Launchpad 

The startup launch pad provides a stage for promising AR startups seriously looking for funding to pitch their company, business model and products in front of a panel that consists of VCs and entrepreneurs. The judges will pick a winner for the best AR startup award and a $5000 reward!

3) Augmented Eyewear Face-off

Panel featuring contenders for the crown of top Eyewear with products that surpass Google Glass in some aspects. Moderated by Pete Wassel , leading manufacturers of Wearable displays including: Paul Travers (CEO, Vuzix), Dan Eisenhardt (CEO, Recon Instruments), Kayvan Mirza (CEO, Optinvent), Stephen WIlley (Innovega), Anna Jen (Epson), Uwe Vogel (Fraunhofer), and Meron Gribetz (CEO, Meta-View)

4) Future AR Technologies

Matt Miesnieks (CEO, Dekko)

Petter Ivmark (13th Lab)

Jeff Powers (CEO, Occipital)

5) Form Factors for the Augmented World 

Mike Kuniavsky (Principal Scientist, Parc)
Sculpting the augmented world: how to create experiences for augmented reality, urban informatics, the Internet of Things, the quantified self, and transmedia storytelling by treating those disciplines as facets of a single thing: networked processing distributed throughout the world.

Natan Linder (MIT Media Lab)
New prototypes for interactive augmented reality interfaces that better integrate information interfaces into our physical environment.  From the creator of LuminAR–a compact and kinetic projected augmented reality interface embodied in familiar everyday objects, namely a light bulb and a task light. It allows users to dynamically augment physical surfaces and objects with superimposed digital information using gestural and multi-touch interfaces.

Thomas Alt (CEO, Metaio)
The AR Engine: Accelerating Augmented Reality. The monumental impact hardware acceleration will have on the future of the Augmented Reality industry, taking AR from single-use apps to always on, always augmented experiences- first in Mobile, and then to the future of wearable headsets and embedded systems

6) AR for more Engaging Brand Engagement

Ambarish Mitra (CEO, Blippar)
5 reasons the world of Brands get excited about Augmented Reality: How AR adds meaning to above the line media and increases ROI

Nathan Kroll, Jonathan Burns (CEO, Ad-Dispatch)
Case studies from the company that teamed up with Walmart and Hollywood studios: Marvel, Disney, and Nickelodeon – to offer in-store AR experiences for Spiderman, Avengers, and more.

Brian Selzer (President,Ogmento)
Designing Virtual Character Interaction for a Physical World: premium brand engagement, real world gaming, and other not-to-distant scenarios to engage your customers.

7) Connected Play 

Jay Wright (VP, Qualcomm)
Augmented Reality: Learning to Read with Big Bird

Lauren Elliott (Robot 11)
Best selling Author of 23 original computer software titles with over 30 million copies of work in circulation – including Where in the World is Carmen SanDeigo software series – will talk about his latest endeavors into connected play with Robot 11.

Josh Shabtai (Vertigore)
Augmented reality games from the creator of the successful StarWars game, and AR for Laser Tag.

8) Cloud, Big Data, and Location technologies

Jon Fisher (CrowdOptic)
How to  analyzes where people point their smartphones to identify activity hot spots, engage users with contextual applications, and curate social media content.

Richard Ferraro (Catchoom)
The future of AR will rely on providing valuable content to the user in a dynamic and scalable way, the cloud becomes an essential component.

Clark Dodsworth (Kimera Systems)
How to use AI-driven context awareness as a service to enable brands to serve and sell to end-users in the moment, a totally user-centered model that is intent-based, replacing the mobile advertising model.

AR Means Business!

Showcases of AR in 10 Verticals

1) Retail and commerce

Matt Szymczyk (CEO, Zugara)

Bruno Uzzan (CEO, Total Immersion)

Andrew Couch (CEO, CandyLab)

2) Automotive and Tourism

Victor Ng-Thow-Hing (Principal Scientist, Honda Research)

Jana Rodic (LiveViewStudio – Techcooltour)

Andrea Carignano (CEO, Seac02)

3) Print, Media and entertainment 

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald (GM, Layar)

Suresh Narasimha (CEO, Telibrahma),

4) AR for enterprise and industrial applications

Gabriel Weiss (Mitsubishi Electric)

Gerben Harmsen (GM, TWNKLS)

Brian Mullins (CEO, Daqri)

5) Military and Government

Jim Donnelly (VP, Six-15)

Tod Soderstrom (CTO, NASA)

6) Urban and Architecture

Dave Lorenzini (CEO, ARC – CubeCities)

Anthony Cortez (ARUP)

Graziano Terenzi (CEO, Inglobe)

7) AR for Education

Mindy Brooks (Sesame Workshop)

Christopher Stapleton (President, Simiosys)

Jay Van Buren (CEO,

8) AR for Training

Alejandro Vazquez (AR Welding Mask – Seabery)

Carl Byers (VP, Ngrain)

Steven Feiner (Professor at Columbia University)

9) Health, Recreation, and Sports 

Dan Eisenhardt (CEO, Recon)

Kevin Hughes (ARPool – Queens University)

Patricio Barreiro (Co-founder, Innovar Group)

Hot topics in Design, User Experience, and Culture

1) AR in Art and Museums

Brian Haberlin (Anomaly)
Anomaly is an epic science-fiction adventure created by Skip Brittenham and Brian Haberlin, and is available as a 370-page hardcover book and a free augmented reality app which has to be seen to be believed.

Yolande Kolstee (AR Lab)
The founder and head of the AR Lab shares her experience in augmenting art and museums Kwith röler-Museum, Boijmans van Beuningen, Van Gogh, Escher in the Palace and many more

Sahar Fikouhi (Darf Design – Creator of Grid)
This ground breaking artist will talk about her projects including Grid, an Augmented Reality environment which provides a spatial configuration for real-time gaming at an architectural scale.

2) Content Creation for Non-Programmers

Jean-Francois Chianetta (Founder, AugmenteDev)

Maarten FitzGerald (GM, Layar)

Jacob Ervin (Metaio)

3) Designing Innovative AR Games

Fabrizio Polo (Sphero) – Robot AR Markers: When Balls Become Beavers

Oriel Bergig (VP R&D, Ogmento) – real world interactions for monetization of games on mobile devices.

4-5) Double Session on Augmented Reality Design

Mark Billinghurst (HIT LAB NZ)

Helene Papagiannis (InfinityAR)

Gene Becker (Samsung)

Sally Applin (University of Kent)

Eunjoo Kim (Qualcomm)

Ori Inbar (CEO,
The 3 Laws of Augmented Reality Design – How to design augmented reality application that add value and delight users.

6) AR Impact on Society & Culture 

Panel moderated by Joseph Rampolla with Greg Kipper, Marc Goodman, Bobby Simpson, and Noah Zerkin.

7) Law, Ethics & IP in the Augmented World

Panel lead by Brian Wassom (Honigman) with: Brett Krueger (Honigman), Nicola Liberati (University of Pisa), Matt Szymczyk (CEO, Zugara)

Technology Deep-Dive Sessions for Developers

Leading Mobile AR SDKs 

Leading Mobile AR SDKs share their latest innovations, featuring: Qualcomm’s Vuforia, Metaio, Total Immersion, Wikitude

Interoperability and Open AR

Discussion presented by Christine Perey, with Neil Trevett (VP Nvidia), Martin Lechner (CTO, Wikitude), Rob Manson (CEO, BuildAR)

Special Events

ARt Gala

Art works and live performances by top artists of the Augmented World and a sponsored reception with food and drinks.
Featuring Art by: Yolande Kolstee (AR Lab), Shannon Novak, BC (“Heavy”) Biermann & Ean Mering , Kevin Nally, Sahar Fikouhi, Mark Skwarek, Amir Baradaran, and more!

The Auggies

The industry’s most prestigious award ceremony will highlight the winners of this year’s best products in various categories. The best products nominated will demonstrate their innovations during the evening. Categories and nominated products: to be announced in a few weeks.

City Visions

City Visions is designed to provide an urban AR experience that will offer a glimpse into the digital 21st century city. Developers will reimagine urban spaces by using a wall-sized composite cityscape image that will serve as the marker for any natural feature tracking platform for mobile devices. The cityscape will be large enough to allow users to “walk the city” as they view the unique AR deployments. Developers are encouraged to reimagine urban spaces by creating innovative AR experiences that demonstrate new visions of urban planning, architecture, transportation, and art.

Event Wrap Up and Grand Finale

Following a panel with industry titans that will discuss the challenges and infinite opportunities of future of the augmented world, a live augmented reality performance by Yung Jake:

Breakout star from Sundance Festival, rap artist Yung Jake is “Net art incarnate, flowing lyrics about tweet culture, datamoshing, hashtags, augmented reality, and memes as he blows up on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram in his HTML5 music video,” This rapper-artist drops will stream into conference screenings, and pops out of walls in augmented-reality music videos. Experience an In Real Life sighting at the live performance at Augmented World Expo.

Are you in AWE yet?

Stay tuned…more details to be revealed soon!

Weekly Sunny Linkfest

Before we begin with our weekly pile of links, here’s a message from Christine Perey on behalf of “the program committee of the Third International AR Standards meeting”:

The committee has decided to extend the deadline for position papers to June 6th (5 PM UK). Please find more information and guidelines for the position papers:

Now, back to our regular programming:

This week’s video goes to you Dr. Who fans – I’ll never understand your ways. Sean McCracken apparently does, and thus created this Android app, available on the Android market to display an augmented version of the TARDIS. Everlasting glory to the first fan who will create a video of Daleks shouting “augment! augment!”
Have a nice week, and good luck Noora

Weekly Augmented Reality Linkfest

It’s a link apocalypse!

  • Many of the AR community went to the second annual Augmented Reality Event. Sadly, I wasn’t able to be there, but luckily, Augmented Citizen share some thoughts and presentations from the event, Locative Media have some “pirated videos” of the keynotes and Layar uploaded videos of a couple of their presentations to Youtube. If you have a video or a blog post about the event – send me an email or give me a tweet.
  • Sander Veenhof is a genius (there, I said it!) and Layar should be paying him money for choosing their platform if they don’t already do so. This time he came up with a way to use augmented reality to create a world wide synchronized dancing routine. It’s an augmented macarena!
  • With Disney’s mobile phone projector you can play games on walls and interact with real life objects.
  • Tablets and democratization: Metaio & Layar pinpoint next steps for augmented reality (via @bruces).
  • Sony SmartAR delivers high-speed markerless augmented reality and according to Engadget, it also blows minds.
  • Scott Blake creates art using QR codes.

This week’s video is of a simple augmented reality game, called Tapcloud with an interesting premise. By chasing virtual cloud (and looking a little bit foolish), the game forces you to get some exercise, and even counts the number of calories you burned once it’s game over. The game is available for free on the app store, so you have nothing to lose (except, again, calories).

Have a tremendous week!

Final Schedule Published For the World’s Largest Gathering of Augmented Reality Professionals at ARE 2011

The second annual Augmented Reality Event (ARE 2011) is just 1 week away – and the final schedule published today has got it all: Entertainment & drama, learning & playing, psychology & emotion, brain & heart, capitalism & art – and many other superlatives about augmenting the world.

Confirmed number of speakers at the event is a staggering 113 leaders from 82 AR companies!

But it’s not about the quantity – the quality of these speakers is what makes it a must see event: check out the wide variety of talks in the ARE2011 schedule-at-a-glance and you’ll start drooling. Come to the event and see for yourself how AR is already changing practically every aspect of our lives.

Register today with the exclusive discount code for games alfresco readers: ORI295

Weekly Augmented Reality Linkfest

It’s time again for the weekly linkfest, a collection of augmented reality news stories that I didn’t find the time to blog about during the past week:

This week’s video comes to us from Nokia Research, showing their indoor navigation solution. Coming from Nokia Research, one of the first bodies to look into mobile AR, this should be considered as no more than a teaser. It’s very cool and alluring with its 30cm accuracy, and its “where I put my keys” functionality, but not likely to be adopted anytime soon. Five years from now, Apple/Google will probably come with inferior solution which will be hugely successful. You can read more about the technology on GSM Arena.

Have a great week!

Weekly Belated Linkfest

Sorry for not posting the weekly linkfest yesterday; Don’t worry though, the links are still fresh:

I love videos done by students to show off their work. This week we are lucky to have Predator, a very impressive video (though I haven’t tried it myself) tracking algorithm resulting from Zdenek Kalal’s phd thesis at the University of Surrey, UK. You can try it yourself by downloading a compiled application to your pc, and read more about it here. Though desktop bound right now, Kalal claims that “implementation for mobile devices is feasible”.

have a great week!

Special Discount for Games Alfresco Fans for ARE 2011 – an Event Packed with Augmented Reality Goodness!

The second annual Augmented Reality Event (ARE 2011) is unveiling a sneak preview of the schedule for the world’s largest event – focused exclusively on advancing the augmented reality industry.
ARE 2011 will take place in May 17th-18th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California, and is surely a must-attend event for the Augmented Reality (AR) community, and anyone interested to learn about AR.
Join Bruce Sterling (“the prophet” of AR) on the main stage, with Vernor Vinge (author of “Rainbows End” and “The Coming Technological Singularity”), and Will Wright (Legendary game designer of SimCity, The Sims, and Spore). Also returning from last year’s event, Blaise  Aguera Y Arcas (a leader in Microsoft’s mobile strategy), to top his Ted talk demonstrating innovations in Bing Maps and Augmented Reality. And if that’s not enough magic – Marco Tempest, the world’s most notable AR magician will stun the audience with a live augmented magic show.


The 2 day event will feature more than 33 hours of talks running the gamut of AR essentials in 3 tracks: Business, Technology and Production:
a) BusinessFor executives of established and start-up AR companies, as well as mobile hardware companies – in search of business models and promising verticals for AR;  a venue to form partnerships, learn about latest innovations, and most importantly speak with clients.

b) TechnologyFor Developers, programmers and technologists seeking the latest and greatest engines and tools for AR; learn from case studies and post mortems delivered by experienced developers from the leading companies in the space.

c) ProductionFor Producers, designers, project managers (in gaming companies, agencies, marketers, brands, and artists) hungry for proven techniques to leverage augmented reality to advance your brand, attract and keep your customers, and build successful campaigns and products that will delight users.

For a complete list of confirmed speakers checkout the website at: ARE 2011 Speakers

If you are an AR Enthusiast – you will feel like a kid in a candy store at are2011.

Not convinced yet? Check out these special activities:
1) “Startup Launch pad” – Five AR startups present their business models and products in front of an expert panel: VCs, Entrepreneurs, and industry luminaries – hosted by a major industry powerhouse. Winner receives: “ARE Best startup prize” (to be announced.) Submit your proposal here under track: “Startup Launch Pad”.

2) “The Auggies” – Teams get 5 minutes each to present on stage and compete for the coolest live AR demo. An extraordinary trio of judges: Bruce Sterling, Vernor Vinge, and Will Wright, will comment on the demos – American Idol-style. Winners will be determined by the audience and receive the prestigious “Auggies Award.” Submit your proposal here under the “Auggies” track.

3) ARt Gala – A display of AR art projects and live performance art by the world’s top AR artists featuring: Helen PapagiannisAmir BaradaranSander Veenhof and more to be announced. And to make sure all your senses are stimulated – drinks and food are on the house – courtesy of our sponsors.

4) ARE Press Conference – If you are planning to announce a new product or service – secure your spot in the press conference that will kick off the event. Submit your proposal here and add: “Press Conference” in the title.

5) Exhibition and Sponsorships – A small number of booths is still available in the exhibition hall ($995 for 10′x10′).Grab them while they last!

Use ORI295 – special discount for Games Alfresco’s fans and shave off $100 of the already sweet price tag of $395.

Register today for the augmented reality event!

Happy Weekly Linkfest Day!

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the links of this week:

Augmented reality t-shirts are cool. Star Wars is cool (as determined by a poll of 500 AR fands). Thus, augmented reality t-shirts, featuring Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker fighting each other must be the epitome of coolness. I don’t have a clue who made those or where can you get them, but you may enjoy the video:

have a great week!

Weekly Linkfest

As expected, this linkfest is full of ARE2010 stuff:

This week’s video is not from ARE2010, but cool nonetheless. EXMAR is a conceptual periscope-like device that attaches to your mobile phone and lets you see an augmented view of your surrounding without pointing directly at anything. It’s great for minimizing hand strain, looking behind you and admittedly for perverts. Created by students at Korea’s KAIST institute, the related paper was submitted to ISMAR10 but is not available online as far as I can tell

Have a great week, see you back on the 20th (unless my flight will be canceled again).