Weekly Linkfest

Slow week, or am I at fault for not paying attention to the augmentosphere?

This week’s video is without a doubt this one from The Heavy Projects – I never got so many retweets as I did after tweeting about it (if you don’t follow me I’m @augmented). Harnessing the power of Junaio, the billboards of Times Square are repainted with original street art. I think the guys from Artvertiser had this idea first, but it’s pretty neat to see it actually implemented. I just wonder whether it’s ok with Junaio’s terms of use.

Have a great week!

Weekly Belated Linkfest

Sorry for not posting the weekly linkfest yesterday; Don’t worry though, the links are still fresh:

I love videos done by students to show off their work. This week we are lucky to have Predator, a very impressive video (though I haven’t tried it myself) tracking algorithm resulting from Zdenek Kalal’s phd thesis at the University of Surrey, UK. You can try it yourself by downloading a compiled application to your pc, and read more about it here. Though desktop bound right now, Kalal claims that “implementation for mobile devices is feasible”.

have a great week!

Weekly Linkfest

After a short break, here’s another weekly linkfest:

Just in time for Halloween, the French game company Momorprods released a new iPhone game called “Ghost Blasters”, which puts you in the role of a ghost buster blaster. Writes Jerome Moreau:

I realize we’ve done nothing truly original so far. We have plenty of ideas for updates tough, but we tried to get a basic version out of the door in time for Halloween. This was really our first try at making an iPhone game and as you’ll see in the credits there’s definitely not too many of us on the team :p

In future updates, we plan to improve the monsters and weapons, etc., but more importantly add geolocation and social network-oriented multiplayer.

The game is free and available here, so why won’t you give it a chance?

Have a treat of a week!

Weekly Linkfest

Layar, Pongr, Lumus, The Artvertiser – and the one linkfest to rule them all:

For this week’s video, I’ve got one that is a couple of months old but I’ve never found the right time to feature it in a post. It’s a video demoing the thesis work of one Willem Van den Eynde. I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t read Dutch (?) that well. Still cool for a thesis:

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