Augmented Reality in 2010 – How Did Our Predictions Fare?

Last year I asked a group of AR bloggers and the readers of Games Alfresco and Augmented Times to guess what 2010 holds for augmented reality. You can see them all here. A year has passed, and 2011 is just around the corner, it’s time to confront reality and check how prescient were we. Remember, this post is not about making fun of some or praise others. Actually, most of our predictions were incorrect, but at least we are not shy about them.

Top three accurate predictions

Top three inaccurate predictions

So, what are your predictions for 2011?

4 Responses

  1. I’m surprised that the access iPhone camera didn’t make a larger impact this year. We all seemed to be eagerly awaiting it and when it came no one really made us of it.

  2. […] ideas for 2011 regarding AR, I’ll just link to a short quora thread and point to metaio and Ori’s and Rouli’s summary on 2010 predictions and their fulfillment (part 8 contains my predictions […]

  3. I dont think anyone could predict a “large iPod touch” NOT having a camera. That was a very cynical move by Apple, and completely unpredictable imho.

  4. it was a cynical move, but not unpredictable. it’s not like the first time they omitted a must-have feature, just to make you buy the next version once it’s out (3g – i’m looking at you!)

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