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Hi all!

My name is Rouli (pronounced like wooly) . For the last couple of months, I’ve been blogging on augmented reality over at Augmented Times, where I cover the coming “AR revolution”. When I first became an AR enthusiast, over a year ago, I’ve found Games Alfresco an incredible source of goodness. That’s why I was honored when Ori approached me with an offer to combine forces, in hopes of creating a central AR hub, a place for AR fans and proffesionals alike.
This post is the first step in creating such a hub, and in the following weeks I’ll be publishing some of my posts both over here and on Augmented Times. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this collaboration!

Once a week I write a post detailing all the news that didn’t get their own post, a “Linkfest”. So, for the first time on Games Alfresco, here’s this week’s linkfest:

Finally, the following video was doing the rounds this last week –

It’s iVisit‘s SeeScan, an application under development for Windows Mobile that intends to help the visually impaired, but could have other uses for AR (a bit more information here).

5 Responses

  1. I love that object recognition video. My wife keeps telling me to let her know when they have an app to tell her if the product she’s buying at the grocery store can be found cheaper at any nearby stores. Soon, I tell her, soon.

    Also, thanks again for the linkage to my site, but its broken for me.

  2. @Thomas –
    sorry, again, I’ve fixed it.

  3. ” with an offer to combine forces, in hopes of creating a central AR hub, a place for AR fans and proffesionals alike.”

    Here Here!
    I couldnt be more in favour!

    A central hub for AR would be wonderfull.

  4. I’m quite interested in that Java AR stuff, hopefully that gets developed further and translated.
    Javas a lot more open then flash and (more importantly) I know a lot more about coding in java :P

  5. […] News of the Month- Rouli and Ori team up on Games Alfresco to create the AR hub for all AR related news.  […]

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