ARiS in Book Format

Geisha Tokyo Entertainment’s ARiS, the augmented reality maid featured in the clip above that Ori covered here, is on her way to become the first virtual AR celebrity. No only does she appear in primetime tv, she now got her own book deal.
The new “official guide book“, is 64 pages of ARiS goodness. It features ARiS’s secret till now biography, tips and tricks, her development process and an interview with her voice actor. Apparently, also included are some markers for ARiS’s living room and shower so after buying the book she will no longer need to live on your desk. You can see a video of her new rooms at the book’s site.

Alas, you can order the book only if you live in Japan. It will be available starting from early June. Via CScout Japan, where you can find some more details and pictures.

3 Responses

  1. Well, yes, of course. Its not education or games that will drive AR to the mainstream. Its the pervy stuff…responsible for all mankinds technology leaps.

  2. I wouldn’t call that pervy by Japanese standards. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Japan and that looks like most of their games, products, etc.,though I probably need to get the translation to decide completely.

    We have some Japanese translators here at work, but I’m afraid if I’m wrong about the content, then I’ll get in trouble; and my Japanese is very poor (ARiS talks to fast for me to understand anyway).

  3. No,certainly not really by Japanese standards. (they have some really disturbing games). Pervy by most other countrys standards though ;)
    Dosnt bother me really. Any developements good as long (as no ones harmed) as far as I’m concerned.

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