Augmented Reality Game in Primetime TV Show

To complete the trilogy covering the Japanese foray into Augmented Reality, here’s a revival of a TV show featuring ARis the Augmented Reality Geisha.

The game creator is a super star; the new scenarios are staggering; give it up to the unwavering, hanky-panky, poke-her doll – ARis the augmented!

The first adult AR game is garnering excitement in Japanese pop culture.

Is ARis really at the center of a this TV game show?

What’s the big showdown about?

Who won this “boss” battle?

One Response

  1. […] that Ori covered here, is on her way to become the first virtual AR celebrity. No only does she appear in primetime tv, she now got her own book deal. The new “official guide book“, is 64 pages of ARiS […]

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