“I Think the Graphics of a Punch”

Predicted Mr. Yamazaki during this week’s Augmented Reality panel at the IT Business Pro conference in Tokyo.

The panelists were (from left):

Tsunoda Tetsuya  from AR Lab Asuka – about content production, NEC’s Yamasaki Zyuniti MAGUNASUKOMYUNIKESHONZU about application development for mobile phones, AR DNP (DNP) Goro Nomotai, Mr. Hamano Satoshi of Japan about application development, and panel Chair  Takebe Keniti from Nikkei Communications about the theory of media arts

The panel chair Takebe started with an introduction to the advancements in AR technology.

He continued with examples of applications possible Today: (1) in construction of health care, (2) navigate catalogs, and, (3) communication, social understanding and relationship building using “social AR”

The panel discussion revolved around the business challenges and expectations from this new technology and highlighted the important roles of GPS and mobile phones in its future.

Japanese applications using AR such as the Sekai Camera were brought as current examples.

The panel went on a tangent and mused about an AR scenario that could take place in the very panel discussion they were all part of.

What if we used face recognition software to overlay text on a screen in front of the panel members, that would reveal to us relevant information about individuals in the audience?

That thought triggered a concern about the implications of AR on social ethics,  which evolved into a full blown discussions about the issues surrounding AR: low public awareness, hardware complexity, software scalability, security, etc.

The undisputed climax arrived when Mr. Yamakazi summarized the future of AR with his prediction “I Think the Graphics of a Punch!”

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  1. Obviously, he wants the ability to punch people accross the world virtualy.

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