Droid Does Tease

If you were living in a cave for the last two weeks, Droid, Motorola’s new Android device is heralded as the new iPhone killer. The campaign created to promote the coming the new phone has focused on what Droid does that the iPhone cannot do. Interestingly, Thomas Carpenter has noticed the following tease on the Droid’s promotion site:

So, are they meaning Layar/Wikitude or something completely different? After all, we do have those on the iPhone, but the iPhone is famous for its lack of support for real video-feed-processing type of AR.
Time will tell …

3 Responses

  1. Looks like with one leap they are back in the game.

  2. Robert Rice brought that site to my attention, but the AR line stuck out to me.

    AOTS on G4 TV gave the Droid a good score 4/5 (they never give higher) for the phone saying the only downside is no multi-touch and a non-distinct keyboard. Everything else they praised and said what they claimed they did better than the iPhone it actually did.

    If iPhone doesn’t get on board soon, I might consider the Droid instead when my wife’s iPhone contract is up next year.

  3. I’m in the market for a phone at the moment, but it pretty much comes down to who does AR decently and without a contract.

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