System Flaw – first augmented reality game for DSi

The buzz continues, this time shooting alien invaders in a room near you.

We have seen similar (semi) Augmented Reality game mechanics with the addictive Arcade Reality and Mosquitoes.

The new game by Visual Impact System Flaw launched this week – has a much slicker interface, and the second DSi screen does add finesse (though I’d rather play it with just one hand on the iPhone):

The mission is to hunt down alien invaders – the Flaw – who are only visible through the DSi, and the radar tracker screen gets the player gyrating and spinning from room to room or running outside in pursuit!

With its US launch this week and UK and Europe scheduled for February 2010, System Flaw is the first game to come from new family-oriented publisher Enjoy Gaming.

One question remains: since the DSi has no compass – how does the tracking of aliens around you work? Optical flow?

Oh, and by the way, it was already awarded the “Best Innovation” nomination by Agence Francaise pour le Jeu Vidéo.

Via Game Zone

4 Responses

  1. hmm, isn’t ghostwire the first?

  2. Nice!
    Looks like a polished version of the Mosquito hunt game that came with the Siemens SX-1 in 2003. Technically trivial but surely fun to play.
    And yes, it surely uses a very simple version of optical flow.

  3. The Gizmondo also had some AR demos that tracked rotation from the cameras image.

    Anyway, looks nice enough, although not sure that would grip me enough to pay full price for it.
    Not when Scribblenaughts and Mario & Lugia 3 look so good at the moment.
    Depends how deep the game is really. If they had plenty of variation, upgrades, and incentives I might get it.

    “hmm, isn’t ghostwire the first?”

    maybe this will be released first?

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