Weekly Linkfest

This week seemed to be all about Layar. The blogosphere and major tech sites were all reporting about the “first augmented reality browser” (and we had our fare share in the coverage as well). However, there were some other AR releated news this week, even though the first item on this week’s linkfest is still about Layar:

Happy Father’s day! If you live in the united states and forgot to get something special for your father, don’t worry, you can still make him an augmented greeting card, thanks to internet developement agenct Mangrove:

Have a good father’s day, and a great week!

One Response

  1. Nice to have a positive independent review of layer.
    I like the filter-by-distance option.
    Seems small, but as AR takes off, I can imagine that becoming a standard feature of outdoor AR Browsers.

    I can see massive potential, but that “Point and Find” video is awfull. Maybe its just me, but I cant help but be put of by those sorts of corporate videos.
    At the very least though, Point and Find will help push more open alternatives

    Must admit I’m finding it hard to work out what You Tubing is about.
    I’m guessing the goal is to lay down witty “replys” to videos using the cards you have?
    Could be fun, but probably get repedative unless they are allowed more to start I think.

    Occipital’s stuff is very cool. They should do something about the weird holes appearing at the photo-points though. Even a low-res cover from other photos should be possible and look better. (at least it would be the right colour)
    The melted-world look is odd, but functional enough.

    overall, lots of good work :)

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