Layar is Out

Surely, you have already read about it at Gizmodo, at ReadWriteWeb, or at any other of the millions of websites which reported the news today. However, if you are avid readers of this blog, you already knew about Layar, “the first augmented reality browser” for at least two weeks (see link for further details).

So luckily, all that is left for me to do, is (1) embed this new video demoing Layar:

(2) Quote from the press release:

Mobile innovation company SPRXmobile launches Layar, the worlds first mobile Augmented Reality browser, which displays real time digital information on top of reality (of) in the camera screen of the mobile phone. While looking through the phone’s camera lens, a user can see houses for sale, popular bars and shops, jobs, healthcare providers and ATMs.

The premier launch is for the Dutch market. … Layar will be launched per country with local content partners in order to guarantee relevent results for the end user. SPRXmobile is planning further roll-outs, together with local partners, in Germany, the UK and the United States this year. SPRXmobile will continue with regular releases of new layers after each local launch. The Layar application will be available via the Android Market. Other handsets and operating systems are in development with a prime focus on the iPhone 3G S.

(3) Tell you that it will be available tomorrow on the Android Store
(4) And once again wish good luck to Maarten, Raimo and friends from SPRXMobile.

7 Responses

  1. Looks rather slick!
    I wish SPRXMobile all the luck and much success.
    I’ll get this whenever I get around to buying a new phone.

    One thing is slightly unclear still, maybe I missed it;
    Can you have a few layers at once, or only one at a time? (that is, layers from two sources…like ING banks flagged up at the same time as house’s for sale)

    Also, random future suggestion;
    Maybe the circle radius should reflect distance roughly? (allthough with a minimum size of course).

    Still, great work SPRXMobile!

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  4. I’m really getting fed up with these link-back comments.
    Google knows the difference between comment-links and regular links folks! :P

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  6. Thanks for sharing wonderful post. Keep it up.

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