Weekly Linkfest

Well, we’ve got a dwindled bag of links today, after some very busy weeks:

If I’ve missed any linkfest worthy news-bit, feel free to comment.

This week’s video clip comes to us from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in the Netherlands, where students created a simcity like augmented reality game. If I read the google translation of this page correctly, the goal of the game is to show the benefits of working together and selling local agricultural products in a store along the highway.

Have a nice week!

5 Responses

  1. Good to see more company’s working on optically transparent solutions.
    I wonder who will be first to crack the focus problem with a working prototype.
    (not that thats a requirement for me as yet, but if we want AR headsets perminately in use when out and about, that will quickly become a requirement).

    Been so busy recently, havnt been able to keep up with much news myself. Been reading Halting State though…seems a good book. Interesting from an AR standpoint, and the unusual storytelling method.

  2. On the “Entourage” video, is that supposed to be Ori in the front row? :)

  3. I know we baldies all look alike….but – no…

  4. […] an Ice Age 3 character to your messenger’s video […]

  5. Hi just wondering if any one could suggest a good torrent downloader. Preferable free but if reasonable and fast with ample storage I would consider a paid service.

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