Poll – What Was The Most Significant Happening For AR In 2010?

The year 2010 was marked by many important milestones and events for the nascent technology.  Which one was more important?  If I missed one that you thought was important, just add it to the comment section.

4 Responses

  1. hehe, its nice you put arwave on the list, but I don’t think we will get true momentum for a few months yet.
    Internaly we have had a few nice realtime demo’s going now, but we need to get our system updated for the new apache wave server, and then start showing it off more so people can more clearly see the advantages. (as well as working closely on people working on the open formats and standards for ar).

    Anyway, it was a fantastic year for AR overall!, and I have to agree with most voters, Kinect is a supprisingly huge boast to AR. Potentially more of an influence on AR then on gaming.
    Other then that, the general increase and public acceptance of AR has made me very happy. AR is becoming a saleing point now for tablets, AR games are being bundled with Nintendos next handheld system, and AR is becoming increasingly featured in various use’s even when the public doesn’t know it by name.

    2010 has been fantastic and exciting, but I am confident 2011 will be even better!

  2. Hey Thomas!

    Yes it has been an exciting year for AR and on so many fronts. Hope to see more news from ARWave in the near future.


  3. Thanks, I hope we have something in a few months, but things are so hard to predict.
    We are happy Wave has found a home as Apache though, that was quite a positive thing for us.

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