What You Need to Build an Augmented Reality iPhone App

Want to build an Augmented Reality iPhone app?

“First, learn from others’ experiences”

OK, how many augmented reality apps can you find on the iPhone app store?


That is – none yet. Not until Apple makes public its live video API – because without live video – there is nothing really to augment.

So in the meantime, whom can we learn from?
Let’s take a look at select iPhone apps – with a special focus on kids. After all, we want the NEXT generation to get hooked on AR.

See how kids interact with iPhone apps…
See how screens are organized…
See the space required for finger touch…
See how much content can be crumbed into a screen…
See how to use the accelerometer…
See for yourself…

…and most importantly – enjoy!

Word Magic – learn to spell

Interactive book – Interactive book gone wild on the iPhone

Shapes, Colors, Sounds – that’ll keep the toddler busy for 5 minutes

Memory game – how wide is your finger?

A Fast Collection – how long do you play an iPhone app?

3 year old experience – playing through the eyes if a 3 year old

Apps for kids

iChalky – Clever use of accelerometer with a stick figure

Pinch ‘n Pop – there is a use for finger pinching besides zooming

Advanced editor – how many functions can you cram into an iPhone?

Watch more reviews on iPhone Apps for Kids

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