So Many MIDs to Augment Your Reality at CES 2009

A quick look at all MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) Intel is showcasing at CES 2009 (thanks to Truc and Warner from GottaBeMobile)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Intel introduced the MID design concept only last year with just a handful of working devices. This year, they are definitely making a  big splash with too many to count.

Here’s Intel’s own Uday sneak-peaking a bag full of MIDs prior to the show

A notable MID, the Gigabyte m528, was released last month boasting great capabilities albeit a steep price ($750)

Stay tuned for Mid Moves – where four well-known technology bloggers will be taking 8 Intel-based Mobile Internet Devices on a fun and challenging 4-day tour starting on Jan 19th.

Now, which one will you use for your next augmented reality experience?

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