Augmented Reality at Toy Fair 2013 – Next Week

In previous years Toy Fair, which is starting this weekend in New York City, was a showcase for the latest in augmented reality toys and connected play.

Some of the notable examples were:

WowWee’s AppGear showed off several games that combine the iPad with physical toys.

Mattel demoed the Hot Wheels game from its new Apptivity line of toys and corresponding iPad apps. Using one of the two cars included in the pack, players zoom along the racing track on their tablet’s screen, performing stunts and jumping over roadblocks along the way.

Nukotoys’ Animal Planet and Monsterology card games AR games let children learn about real animals or fake monsters (based on their title of choice) by choosing cards and swiping them in front of the tablet. The iPad detects the playing cards and displays information along with an animated version of the creature, which users can then control.

Slip your iPad into the GameChanger board, and you have two games at your fingertips. Animal Mania and Magic School Bus are included, but other games can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store. The game board has pressure-sensitive fields that register the movements of players’ tokens.

Hasbro wouldn’t let us take video of the iPhone/iPod touch app that makes its new Lazer Tag Blaster so cool, but we can assure you that it puts augmented reality tech to good use. You can complete missions on your own or play against up to 24 players. Either way, your device’s screen is the viewfinder for targeting the red tip on opponents’ guns.

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What augmented reality toys and games will be showcased at ToyFair this year?

I’ll be there to find out!



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