A New Platform for The Next Generation of Augmented Reality Games

Today we are celebrating!

Ohan Oda from Columbia University in New York just released his new version of Goblin XNA. Kudos!

Goblin XNA is a development framework for Augmented Reality apps with a focus on games. It is based on Microsoft’s popular XNA Game Studio 2.0 that enables game developers to be successful on Microsoft gaming platforms (i.e. PC, Xbox, Win Mobile)

Ohan built it as a one man show (under the supervision of Steven Feiner and with help from his lab colleagues) as part of his PhD research project.

Has anyone tried it so far?

Ohan says he just released it to the public, so as of now, only he and his lab members have. However, the framework was used in 3DUI and Augmented Reality course, so approximately 60 students have used it so far.

What can you do with it?

Check out these demos created with the framework:

AR Racing Game

AR Electronic Field Guide

Want more? Check out the AR Domino on MSDN.

Here is the announcement in Ohan’s own words

We would like to inform you that Goblin XNA is finally released, and
it’s downloadable from http://www.codeplex.com/goblinxna .

We apologize for those of you who waited very long (some of you
probably waited for almost a year).

Source code, API documentation, user manual, installation guide,
tutorials, and a relatively large-sized project (AR domino game) is
included with the release.

For questions and bug reports, Please do NOT email me directly, but
instead, please post your questions and bug reports through Codeplex.
I won’t be able to guarantee quick response since I’m the only
developer of Goblin XNA, but I will try my best to answer your
questions and fix bugs.


Ohan will be working on the framework for his research at Columbia for another couple of years – so until then you can count on him to continuously update the framework for both bug fixes and new feature additions.

Try it and show us what kind of reality experiences you can build.

Exclusive! HitLab NZ Releases an Augmented Reality Authoring Tool for Non Programmers

I am excited. I have in my hands a flier I just received from Mark Billinghurst (one of the AR gods at ISMAR ’08)

This flier includes the URL for a totally new augmented reality authoring tool developed by HITLab New Zealand. What’s really new about this too is that it targets non programmers (as in you and me).

BuildAR is a software application that enables you to create simple augmented reality scenes on your desktop.

BuildAR provides a graphical user interface that simplifies the process of authoring AR scenes, allowing you to experience augmented reality first hand on your desktop computer. All you need is a computer, a webcam and some printed patterns.

Mark says I am the first one to receive the flier – hence the exclusive news.

Without further ado (I haven’t even tried it myself yet…), here is the URL: http://www.hitlabnz.org/wiki/BuildAR

I promised Mark that by tonight (as clocked in Honolulu) the entire world will have tried it.

Don’t let me be wrong…

Tell us, does it work? do you like it? want more of these?