Japanese Augmented Reality Punch Continues

via augmented times, via Sein Blog, thanks to google translator…here are the AR news from Japan.

Scene Recognition Engine (SR Engine) demonstrates its ability to recognize buildings, pull relevant information, and display it live – on an iPhone. And it works outdoors – alfresco.

Looks like a marriage between Tonchidot’s Sekai Camera and Mobilizy’s Wikitude.

Interested in a look under the hood?

How does it work?
(loose translation from the creator’s speech in Japanese):

Stores in the city are stored in a database and mapped and tagged with information from brochures and videos. Based on the “scene” caught by the Camera, the app pulls information from its database and tags the actual image, the AR-free sensor networks. It uses GPS, angle variation and image matching, to recognize the targets.

So, I guess it only works when you observe the target from a certain perspective.

Why develop it for the iPhone?

IPhone’s CPU is [not] bad, folks like it…

Who’s behind it?

According to the blog it’s the man with the big name:

Sunday Star Geumchon

have you seen this man?

Who are you Sunday Star?