The One Eyed Man is King

In a land where what you see is what you get, those who can see more – even with one eye – are kings.

Kijin Shin from Yanko design believes in it and makes a point with this interesting concept design. He calls it the “Third Eye concept designed is for travelers.”

See something interesting? Just place the Third Eye up to your eyes like a monocle and the device pulls all relevant historical, travel, shopping, and tourist information.

Augmented reality lends itself well to touristic applications. When people explore new places – extra (augmented) information in context is highly sought after.

Multiple concepts focused on tourism have been thought of and implemented before: Museums apps, Wikitude, YDreams Sightseeing, Archeoguide, and many others.

What’s interesting in this one – is the form factor and the user interface.

Sometimes you have to reduce features (one eye only) to achieve simplicity. That has the potential to drive massive adoption.

If you are into the pros and cons, check out the interesting discussion on the site featuring the usual supporters vs. skeptics. One commenter compared it to the Celestron SkyScout:

We’ll see if Kijin’s design raises interest among hardware manufacturers. By then we’ll realize if the one eyed man becomes king – or whether he’ll be facing a land populated with 2 eyed specs.