10 TV Commercials That Will Inspire Your Next Augmented Reality Experience

Hours in front of the tube during election season offer some gratifying moments.

TV commercials is not one of them.

But once in a blue moon (pun intended), TV commercials appear as a blessing in disguise: if you open your mind, they will inspire your next augmented reality experience.

There is no cutting-edge technology in these videos.

There is something we consumers consider more precious: visual visions that will freshen up our reality.

To illuminate my argument, here is the countdown of the 10 best TV commercials for AR inspiration.

10. Disney commercial: “What Will You Celebrate”

Take any mundane situation such as the class room in this unpretentious Disney Parks commercial – and lighten it up with fireworks, literally. (Just make sure to wear your AR goggles)

9. Dassault Systemes – See What You Mean

These two commercials from Dassault, the visionary company for collaborative design, literally demonstrate the look and feel of an augmented reality design experience.

8. Sony Walkman

Noisy art work on your clothes, fluffy wings, and puffy speech bubbles on your walls; you’ll feel that cool with Sony Walkman. (Can you handle that much 70s on your retina?)

7. Nice+Smooth

How about this creepy face recognition application?

6. Mercedes C class

Now, you can see the history of me over the years

5. HP

Augmented reality puts it all in your palm

Kzero collected the entire celebrity series featuring Seinfeld, Jay Z and many more.

4. Dodge Caliber – Too tough

A fairy redecorates the city to look like in her dreams

3. KoreaLife

Augment everything in your life! Live the awesome [Korean] life.

2. British Airways

Terminal 5, Heathrow airport, London is swarming with fish. It may be all 3D animation – but it inspires an amazing AR vision.

1. Sprint Lights

Garbage trucks and school busses come to life. So simple, so inspiring.

and…Nascar cars fighting like monsters (why not any car)

TV commercials creators work hard to beautify reality on TV. They’re armed with nothing but their creative lenses. Should you have such lenses, what would you do with it?

How would you beautify your reality?

***Update***New TV Commercials***

11. Zappos

12. Playstation 3 – Entertainment Unleashed

13. Coca Cola Avatar

14. Hulu Superbowl

Watch  second 33 for a cool xray

3 Responses

  1. Dont know how I’d change reality from a cosmetic standpoint. A few more moons maybe…a nebula in the sky.
    Something like that, nice, but not too distracting on the general viewpoint.
    I think there will probably be “themes” people will load onto their world. Things like the 70’s theme people will try for a few minutes while going “oh cool” then turn it off when their eyes start to bleed :p
    (much like Gmails “Terminal” theme).

    As for these adverts, I think I like Dassault ones the best.
    While not amazing visualy, they nicely show real benefits to AR in development and hoping will encourage its adoption.

    I also like HP’s one, as I do picture people walking along doing more things at once.

    I once saw a mobile phone advert that was vagualy ARish. Cant remember what it was for though. Started with a guy falling onto concreate, which kinda rippled to break his fall.

  2. […] I immediately added it to my AR commercial hall of fame: TV commercials that will inspire your next augmented reality experience […]

  3. The style of writing is very familiar . Have you written guest posts for other bloggers?

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