The Curious Raven Says: Tonchidot Has Real Demo…But He’s Not Impressed

Robert Rice (Curious Raven) just unveiled this new demo by Tonchidot, and although this time it looks real, compared to the TechCrunch50 concept video of yesteryear – he’s not impressed.

Judge for yourselves.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What strikes me is the similarities with 2 other apps launched recently: wikitude and Nru.

These apps don’t do image recognition. They rely solely on GPS (for location) and sensors (compass – for direction, latitude – for angle, accelerometers – for pose) – to give you más info about what you’re looking at.

Wikitude’s founder, Philipp Breuss, presented last week at WARM, his simple yet powerful design of an app that tells you what wikipedia knows about what you’re looking at (mostly sites.) He boasts 60,000 downloads so far. Not too shabby.

Nru by does a similar job with 2 distinct differences: it omits the live video stream for a purpuly radar like UI, and it tells you what Qype and fonefood know about what you’re looking at (mostly restaurants and shows.) Still waiting for the release of the app.

These apps make do with GPS and sensors, and lack visual recog capabilities – but they have one  advantage – they are getting popular by the minute.


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