Total Immersion Breathe Life Into Baseball Cards With Augmented Reality

New York Times unveils this story about Total Immersion‘s new foray into trading card games.

Total Immersion partnered with Topps to add 3D animation on top of their baseball cards using your web cam.

Rouli and Tobias have already mused about it this morning (Old World folks always wake up earlier…). Here’s the video video…

Judge it yourself:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kudos to Total Immersion: once again you managed to lead the pack.

But do we really want to be glued to the PC all day; when will you offer this experience on mobile devices?

4 Responses

  1. Yeah, you are right. Once again people are bound to the desktop computer and one’s table. How annoying! I wonder if everybody will be already tired of AR once the proper hardware (HMDs, lightweight mobile devices) is available… (I hope not!)

  2. Two things;

    1) Total Immersion needs to do a co-operation deal with Vuzix pronto.

    2) I really really want to buy shares in total immersion :(

  3. oh, and the video dosnt work for me :(
    (I assume tis the same one on the t-immersion site)

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