2020 Games Look Mostly Augmented

Gamasutra recently announced a competition for best game ideas. Games of 2020.

The winners are already in and their games are mostly…augmented.

Check out these 4 games:

House Chores by Wesley Wiebe.

It builds on the idea that if you cleverly use game pleasures people would be willing to tolerate almost anything – just to get the built-in reward. The same dopamine system in our brains that handles addictions.

In this case, the game controller is a broom. And your challenge: sweep the floor.

The setup is your “everyday” augmented reality game: your own house is modeled into the game, you wear see thru digital goggles with built in cameras, you interact with the real world (your living room) blended with virtual elements (water splashes)…


Keep reading the next game:

Appliance Gaming By Daniel Cook

The concept in Daniel’s own words:

Cloud connected household appliances combined with simple games and an augmented reality feedback system. Hook up some inexpensive sensors and a wireless connection to assorted dishwashers,vacuums, refrigerators and washing machines. Add a feedback device in the form of a vision aware monocle.

The game device looks awfully like Yanko‘s Monocle (who’s first?):

I also like the punch line:

The resulting consumer boom is widely credited with ending the economic malaise of America’s Lost Decade.

Play Everywhere By: Angie Oikawa

Here is what every Augmented Reality fan dreams about

a diverse collection of casual, social gaming experiences that integrate easily into a persons everyday life. PE! is a mobile “game platform” that allows people to choose virtual “Smart Game Objects”, customize them, and place them into real world locations for friends to find and play with.

What’s this mobile platform like?

…an evolved smart phone with a high resolution holographic display, or glasses that allow a person to superimpose virtual objects into the real world

And a game play example shows an inspiring woman’s touch: leaving sexy clues for your spouse to find on your anniversary:

…she is greeted by a flock of doves who sing to her and drop rose petals across the hall way into the bedroom where you are waiting for her.

Chow Time By Trevor Paradise

The (wacky) concept: eat healthy food in reality, while the game makes you think you eat your favorite junk food.


If you like these – there’s a whole bunch just like these at Gamasutra.

The only remaining question is: why wait for 2020?

5 Responses

  1. 2020 is looking very pessimistic indeed.

    A few of my random AR game ideas;

    1) Zombie Attrack – Your house is under siege from Zombies outside. You have a few guns with limited ammo, but also many things in the enviroment that can help and hinder you.
    The zombies also have leaders to climb to the understairs windows. (if you have any).
    You can knock the ladders down…lock &or baricade your doors…hunt for ammo thats randomly around your house.
    But everything takes time, so you have to think on your feet and be very quick.
    (anyone that played that cabin sequence from Re4 should be able to picture this well)

    2) Worldwide Golf – A collective game played worldwide by as many people as possible at once.
    At any time day or night you might see a golf ball come flying from the sky, or be informed that one has landed near you.
    You have to go and whack this virtual ball to a city the software choose’s, (with your strength multiplayed thousands of times). The ball then lands in that city for the next person to hit. The closer you hit it to the center of the city, the more points you get. After you collect a certain amount of points, the next ball time that lands near you you have to hit it towards a certain point in your city, then again and again till you get it in the hole (ie, becomes more like traditional golf).
    Obviously for this game to work there would be a huge number of virtual golf balls flying around the world at once, not just one. The software would also, of course, select target citys with the least number of balls per player in the city.

    3) Spam blaster. Petrol the city blasting virtual adverts in the sky down. Multiply players results are kept in a database for people to download as a block list.

    4) Tribble Hunter – Your house is infecting with tribbles. You gota get rid of them quick anyway you can think of…in the microwave, squashing them, whacking them with something….or maybe just chucking them on passers-by. The multiply fast though, so be quick!

    5) HouseHoldGP – Make your own virtual racetrack as big as you like all over your house, and obsticals real/virtual as you see fit. Add tunnels where needed.
    You can then play with friends from your real-world perspective.
    Purhapes you can even record a video of the whole track as you play though, so people can race you online too.

    6) Tracer- Part game, part art, part method to havest player-power to map the world. Players are encouraged to trace around anything in their enviroment not already traced using basic 3d tools.
    The more people that see a particularly spot daily, the more points that are up for grabs by tracing it.
    Their works are automaticaly uploaded online as well as being commentable/rankable in real life.
    They get assigned score and ranking based on how many people like their work. Correcting errors in other peoples work is also rewarded.

    6) Pokemon

  2. Great ideas, Mr. Darkflame :)
    You should submit them to the next competition.

    Or…just start building them!

  3. I absolutely agree with the above comment, the world wide web is with a doubt growing in the most fundamental medium of communication across the globe and its due to sites like that that ideas are spreading so quickly.

  4. I was wondering what is up with that weird gravatar??? I know 5am is early and also I’m not looking my best at that hour, but I hope I don’t look just like that! I may however make that face if I’m asked to do 100 pushups. lol

  5. Is this the net trying to communicating? Is this the start of AR, desperately trying to form links between words, to find the semantic meanings in order to produce linguists we can make sense of?

    Or is it just bezire spam.

    You decide!

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