GDC 2009: First Augmented Reality Demo at a Game Developer Conference

As soon as the exhibition floor opened today at the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, I rushed to visit the Vuzix-Metaio booth to witness the first consumer-oriented augmented reality booth ever to exhibit at GDC.

I was not disappointed. Just watch this clip.

Stefan Misslinger (Metaio) did a fantastic job  acting it out, don’t you think?

Vuzix also had on the display the upcoming-anticipated-long-awaited-soon-to-be-released 920AV AR glasses. It wasn’t in working condition, but Vuzix promised it will be released this fall.

When the event kicked off, I offered to serve as your eyes and ears; Peter Milford took the offer and expressed his curiosity about the latest from Vuzix. This one is for you Peter: yours truly posing with the goods.


Now the key question is:

how would you rank the look of these specs on a dork-to-cool scale?

10 Responses

  1. Cool…ish.
    The wires at the side are dorky, and the whole thing dosnt look as streamlined as their concept.

    Still, if its under $500 and has decent, open, support I’ll be getting one.

  2. The folks told me that this is just an engineering prototype still, the final one will look a little different. It wasn’t functioning, for example. But, it sounds VERY exciting, if it lives up to the specs. We’ll be getting some.

    Oh, also: Ori, there’s no way this is the first AR demo at GDC. Remember Eye of Judgement? They must have demoed this. There are others this year, too (aren’t they showing an EyePet demo somewhere? And our Zombie game is in the NVidia booth on the Tegra).

  3. Thanks for keeping me honest, Blair…;)
    (This was my way of finding out if there was any AR demo before)

    I did see additional AR demos on the exhibition floor and will report about them soon.

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  5. Hey Blair, Zombie AR is cool. Are you using Daniel Wagner planar tracker in it ? BTW it seems comments turned off in your blog.

  6. If they can get rid of the wires, I’d change my vote from dork to cool. I’m also really interested in how many applications are available. Otherwise, they’re a really expensive toy.

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