A Formidable Mobile Augmented Reality Device? Meet the HTC Touch HD

The new contender to become the mobile augmented reality device of choice is here: meet the HTC Touch HD.


PC World (Taiwan) hands on experience is pretty favorable.

With a far better screen (800×480 compared with iPhone’s 480×320) and a higher rez camera (5MP compared with iPhones 2MP) and its ability to record video (unlike the iPhone’s), it looks very promising.

The only big caveat is the high price tag ($776). It’s now available in Taiwan but poised to hit the EU and US by year end.

It will not have the screen size and the power of a MID – but it fits in a pocket, which is a plus for most of us.

As a result, the HTC Touch HD takes the place of the elusive Meizu M8 (still not out) on my top 5 mobile Devices for high-end AR.

Here is the updated round up.


Which one do you like best?

3 Responses

  1. I’m not convinced; it might be better than the iPhone on paper, but the proof will be in the pudding, so to speak. The big question will be how fast the graphics are, what kind of camera access there really is (e.g., it says it records QVGA video, but that doesn’t even mean you can get at an uncompressed video stream, not to mention a good one).

    The bigger issue is that next years devices (e.g., powered by NVidia’s Tegra or TI’s OMAP3, to name two) will be so much better than these devices that is hard to get excited about them! Wait half a year or so!

  2. I spend way too much time playing games but I can’t resist. Nice site btw

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