A Formidable Mobile Augmented Reality Device? Meet the HTC Touch HD

The new contender to become the mobile augmented reality device of choice is here: meet the HTC Touch HD.


PC World (Taiwan) hands on experience is pretty favorable.

With a far better screen (800×480 compared with iPhone’s 480×320) and a higher rez camera (5MP compared with iPhones 2MP) and its ability to record video (unlike the iPhone’s), it looks very promising.

The only big caveat is the high price tag ($776). It’s now available in Taiwan but poised to hit the EU and US by year end.

It will not have the screen size and the power of a MID – but it fits in a pocket, which is a plus for most of us.

As a result, the HTC Touch HD takes the place of the elusive Meizu M8 (still not out) on my top 5 mobile Devices for high-end AR.

Here is the updated round up.


Which one do you like best?