11 Industries to be Reinvented with Augmented Reality

We have been raving about how Augmented Reality will reinvent reality. Which slices of “reality” will be affected by AR first? Researchers and entrepreneurs worldwide are already plotting its impact on specific industries.

Investors – here’s a chance to educate yourselves.

Here are 11 of my favorite clips depicting industries reinvented with augmented reality:
(Credits inside the videos)

1. Advertising

Despite being the first on the ar band wagon, the $600 Trillion ad industry has used AR as a gimmick. It has the potential to literally bring consumers to products and totally reinvent itself.

2. Art

Street art democratized minus the vandalism.

Here is another fantastic example – a free form street art.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3. Design

Real-collaboration, real-time, real-life design

4. Entertainment

Entertainment content could reach you in every part of your day AND be relevant to your surroundings.

5. Health care

Doctors: you have the information – now use it in context of your patient.

6. Learning

Books reinvented. Gutenberg must be turning in his grave.

7. Maintenance

See through walls, floors and roofs? awesome dude – I wanna be in maintenance!

8. Personal Productivity

No more being glued to a screen. No more screens. No more (visible) hardware.

9. Retail

Stores and products talk to you about themselves (but only when you want…)

And from the consumer perspective – shopping will be reinvented

10. Tourism

Your personal tourist guide, anywhere you go.

11. Training

User manuals are dead. Watch the instructions live in your field of view.

What industry would you like to reinvent?

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