Weekly Linkfest

This week’s top post on Games Alfresco was, for the second week in a row, Top 10 augmented reality demos that will revolutionize video games“. On Augmented Times it was my old rant about using AR to market cars.
Here are some other weekly augmented reality news from around the web:

  • Thomas Carpenter had some great posts this week (he is a fierce contender for the top AR blogger spot), but his best was surely this one, where he interpolates current trends to come to the conclusion that Augmented Vision will be available circa 2015.
  • ReadWriteWeb discovers augmented reality.
  • LittleProjectedPlanet takes Little Big Planet and translates it to the projected AR format, or so they say.
  • Not only Star Trek, Night at the Museum 2 (what were they thinking?) , uses AR for promotion (in Australia), but in a tired “novelty” way. Best of all, they claim it’s the “first time ever in the world that it’s been done with newsprint” (source). Obviously they come from a different world than I do.
  • McCANN New York brings us an augmented reality pencil application to scribble on our screens.
  • BMW took its augmented reality campaign to promote the Z4 model to the streets of London, and actually got a cool video.

And, as usual, here’s a short clip to welcome the next week. Using augmented reality British Football fans (soccer) can see themselves lifting the FA Cup using this web application. And here’s a nice quote from this clip’s Youtube page – “FA Cup sponsor E.ON has applied the latest military technology known as Augmented Reality to the oldest domestic cup competition in the world”. Apparently, FLARToolKit is a military technology :)

5 Responses

  1. 2015 seems good to me.
    We just gota get these protocalls and standards formed!

    “Night at the Museum 2 (what were they thinking?) ”

    Hay, the first wasnt that bad. Also, random fact;
    Dick Van Dyck is a 3D artist.

  2. “ReadWriteWeb discovers augmented reality.”

    link broke :(

  3. @Darkflame – sorry, now it works

  4. […] a trailer for Night at the Museum 2, via augmented […]

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