InVizimals – AR Game for the PSP

Yet another quick post, just before I go to (my real) work. Sony is developing its own AR game for a camera enhanced PSP, named InVizimals. A combination of GhostWire and int13’s Kweekies, players have to hunt around their houses for monsters, and later can set the monsters to fight each other. I really like how they combine the player’s real world actions (casting a shadow, shaking the PSP, etc.) in the gameplay.

Here’s the teaser:

and here’s an in game view:

Via GameSetWatch.

6 Responses

  1. Ah, now thats more like it.

    But I thought the PSPGo didnt have a camera :?
    Must be hidden at the back I guess.

  2. Nice find on the first video, I didn’t see that one. Gives the game a more interesting and natural feel and makes the kids get up out of their chairs.

  3. Just confirmed with the Sony folks at E3 – the PSP Go! will not have a camera. A peripheral camera can be attached from below. Nice, but it’s going to prevent the PSP from becoming a major AR platform.
    Sony is losing in the Mobile AR battle against Nintendo (and Apple of course, and Google)

  4. Yes, its a pitty. They could have made AR into a unique saleing point. (at the very least it would have been a upgrade to all the Gizmondo’s AR enphusists use ;) ).

    As it stands, it seems the DSi will be the only gameing platforming officialy supporting AR. (come on Apple, get a move on and release a camera api!)

    I dont think we will see too much AR on the DSi despite its solo position. It might have double the cpu of a normal DS, but that still isnt that much to work with.
    Probably just about enough to spark a “hmz..purhapes we should focus on this next time” reaction from Nintendo….

  5. DSi or iPhone? see this article from IGN: “10 Reasons Nintendo Should Fear iPhone”

  6. Well, iPhone is more capable, but DSi actualy has AR functions from the off, and wants developers to work on its camera functions.
    I dont think Nintendo has anything to fear yet, but whoever grabs the AR market initialy will probably be the leader shortly after.

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