Nerds Augment Themselves to become Optimus Prime

For some reason, one of my most successful posts, was the one about Total Immersion’s promotion for Transformers 2, where everyone had the chance to virtually try an Optimus Prime mask.
Now, a bunch of nerds (no other word to describe them, sorry), have taken their Transformers fandom to a whole new level. If you are a pregnant woman, younger than 15 or suffer from heart arrhythmia, please don’t push the play button. You see, AR entering the mainstream is not always a good thing:

6 Responses

  1. You post this to make us all feel better about ourselves, right Ori?
    We may be AR geeks, but we’re not AR Nerds?
    Us and Them.

    The question is– How long before one of the participants in this production comes here and posts a reply? And will that make “them” one of “us”? Will it mean that we’re really just another one of “them”? What are the ramifications? Did you think this through before posting?


  2. btw, I’m a Transformers fan (the franchise, not the movies). I’m a nerd. This post was written with at least one tongue in my cheek.
    I didn’t think I should say it out loud, but it seems not everyone catch my weird sense of humor.

  3. Hay, its either this stuff or Porn, you just know is going to be pushing the industry forward.:P

    Just wait till we have a global openly accessible AR network. You’ll have people walking down the street in this stuff.
    Not that I can complain. I’ll be no better.
    I cant wait to dive into a Prachett/Rowling skin for the world.

  4. While I knew that you were joking at least a little bit, it was pretty harsh, so I doubt most people will think you are being playful, rather than mean.

    They did quite a bit of work to put that together, and they were just having fun. They obviously knew how ridiculous it was, especially with the asian guy saying ‘matrix of readership’ a few times, and then googling for ‘readership’ at the end.

    And dorky they might be in that film, but it shows how AR is becoming more and more accessible. I look forward to it becoming so commonplace that setting up something like that is something children do in art class or for fun at home, rather than just nerds who can piece everything together.

  5. @WC –
    Point taken, next time I’ll (try) to tone myself down.
    It is indeed an impressive “amateur video” which took a lot of work to produce. If it wasn’t, I would not have taken the time to post about it.

  6. Rouli,

    I took your post as tongue in cheek, and my reply was meant to be equally in jest. Re-reading, I can see how it could be read otherwise. Wow. That wasn’t how I meant it to come across. I’m really sorry. I was entertained by the whole thing and even hoping they would find it and write a reply.

    Text = Arg. So hard to convey tone.

    I really apologize.

    I’m just now seeing the resulting comments.

    I’m sure they have a sense of humor (obviously, look at that video).

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