Three Comments on Wikitude’s Augmented World Trade Center

So, Mobilizy just released a new update for Wikitude, one that allows you to point your phone at ground zero and see a 3d virtual version of the Twin Towers on the phone’s screen.

  • First we should congratulate Mobilizy for intergrating 3d objects into Wikitude. That’s only two weeks after Layar made a similar move. If I understand correctly, Wikitude doesn’t let folks upload their own 3d models yet, but that’s surely not that difficult.
  • We should also congratulate Mobilizy for a smart marketing move. Yes, it’s very respectful, and I actually think that there should be such a virtual memorial. However, one cannot deny that such videos as the above create buzz, something that Wikitude’s competitors usually excel at. I can only imagine the impact of such application if they had released it last month, for 9/11.
  • I’m fascianted by how the AR illusion is completly destroyed at around 00:18, when the buildings look very small just because there’s a tree in the background. That’s not Wikitude’s fault, but it just shows us how much there’s still to be done to make AR look good.

More details at TechCrunch.

3 Responses

  1. “I’m fascianted by how the AR illusion is completly destroyed at around 00:18″… yep, that was my first thought. would have been incredibly difficult to find another spot without an occluding tree. *g* A neat step forward by Mobilizy, though.

  2. On the one hand them doing this as it IS a bit of a publicity stunt. Ive no problem them rebuilding the trade centres virtually, but to make it the first thing you do is a bit going after the press, imho.

    That said, it demonstrates nicely something AR is perfect for; Showing us stuff that’s no longer there.
    Historic and destroyed building overlays I can see becoming very big in AR.

    One question though; I know its earlier days and hardware isnt that powerfull….but surely we could still have textured objects no?

  3. @Thomas,

    Yes textures are possible..

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