Junaio is Available on the iPhone App Store – Can Social Augmented Reality be Fun?

They made it:

metaio, Inc. is proud to announce that junaio – the world’s first social augmented reality platform is now available in the App Store. The application is free and available globally on all iPhones. Users without an iPhone can also edit and share 3D augmented reality images via the online platform on http://www.junaio.com.

junaio is a mobile and online platform that lets users create, explore and share information in a completely new way using augmented reality and location-based content. Users can place 3D objects, Twitter messages or websites into the real world and then share their creations with friends through social networks such as Facebook.

Download from the App Store or Visit the website

I participated in the beta and it was quiet fun.

I took pictures of interesting things in and around my house, and in a few minutes – folks from around the world (mostly Germany…) added creative fun stuff to it.

I like Junaio’s concept of You (stuff you created), Here (stuff people around you created), Now (stuff being created right now). However, it was a bit weak on the Here. I guess no one else in NYC participated in the beta. Hopefully that will change now that it’s on the store.

What I am missing in Junaio is the ability to see my creation (and others) truly overlaid on reality. That is quiet hard to achieve on the iPhone with just GPS and compass. This will get much more interesting when computer vision is used and objects are aligned with your real time view of reality.

In the meantime – congratulations to Metaio and all the best!

2 Responses

  1. I just downloaded and tried junaio and must say it’s really fun!

    There are many users and cool posts already (and that’s just some hours after the launch?!) and some of them are going like crazy …

    Most important I think that junio is really different
    from layar and the others. And for the first time there might be really a chance to build a community based on AR and viral features such as having users posting all over the world.

    Great work!

    from and especially cool to see what scenes they already have on the platform. I was amazed to see seems that there are already many users

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