Domestic Robocop

I’m a bit late with this – Toby already wrote a post about it last week, and I meant to do the same, but was too sick to write a post this wonderful next concept video deserves. It reminds me of a short story by Asimov where people grew so reliant on computers they forgot how to do basic arithmetic.

Created by Keiichi Matsuda of the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. You might wonder what does an architect have to do with augmented reality (and the art of making tea). Kei tried to explain:

The question of the connection with architecture comes up a lot, but its not necessary to think of it in the context of buildings etc. Architecture as a study is about spatial design, encompassing a lot of social, philosophical, economic and technological theory; more interesting than placing beams! Im currently working in a lot of media, so its kind of unlikely that ill go on to be an architect, but it makes a lot of sense for architects to be interested in VR, AR, game design etc., even without having a technical background as they touch fundamentally on how we operate in space. AR particularly is a really exciting technology, as it interacts directly with the built environment.
The film (domestic robocop) is pessimistic in a way; I believe that AR could become essential to us very quickly, once certain standards and economic models are in place. Becoming incapable of making a cup of tea and navigating your own house is obviously quite far fetched, but is maybe part of a broader comment about our reliance on technology and the all-infiltrating nature of consumer culture. With all the hype around AR at the moment, I think its a good thing to speculate as to what effect it might have on our lives, positive or negative, in the long term.

Kei currently works on a thesis titled ‘Pluralism and Identity in Augmented Reality’, and I bet we will see many other interesting concepts and ideas out of him.

2 Responses

  1. Utterly superb concept.
    All very plausible. My first reaction was “no one would have that many adverts, we would have spam filters etc”
    But then I looked closer and saw what was happening.

    Really well worked out and executed pretty darn good.

    As for fears about not knowing how to make a cup of tea, Do we forget how to ride a bike when we use cars and trains?

    After something has been learnt…especialy when mussle-memory is involved….theres not much you can do to stop the brain remembering. The more you do it, the harder it is to forget….even if its all possible to look up and “confirm” whenever we like.

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