Weekly Linkfest

Another week, another linkfest:

  • It all started with this funny look at augmented reality by the Gaurdian’s Charlie Brooker. Among other things Brooker imagines a world where unpleasant sights (such as poor people – his words, not mine) are transformed by AR goggles.
  • Futurismic developed that basic idea. In “Re-skinning the city – the dark side of augmented reality” they suggest that spam could become a ray of hope, as a medium through which (unpleasant) reality can still confront us in our utopian augmented world.
  • Finally, Toby of augmented.org explains why there are several other issues we should worry about before concerning ourselves with invisible homeless people. (thanks Thomas)
  • The first commercial AR event will be held in Santa Clara in early June. Unless, you count this other conference. The former is organized by Ori Inbar, Tish Shute and whurley (William Hurley). The latter is not. Your choice.
  • If you weren’t there, you may find the following recording of ARNY January meet up interesting (I can’t get ustream to work properly on my computer, so I can’t tell).
  • Some info about the intriguing Mirascape and a chance to become an alpha tester.
  • Financial Times “Reality Made Larger the Life” gives an overview on augmented reality.
  • Harry Potter. Augmented Reality Map. USA Today.
  • Dr Skully. Augmented Reality Fortune Teller.

We have a double feature for our weekly video. The next two clips bring AR to the big screen. The very big screen. First is Hungry Hungry Eat Head, an art installation commissioned by City of Edinburgh Council (more info, via Wooster Collective):

and next is another art installation called “A Someone Else’s Problem Field” commissioned for the Next Wave Festivals, which is mostly strange (more info):

That’s it, have a nice week!

One Response

  1. Ah, a SEP, a more obscure Hitchhikers guide reference then most :)

    I think perhaps the first big problem of AR might be just everyone being swamped with references and mame’s all the time. Expect ceiling cat’s, giant enemy crabs and posters telling you the cake is a lie.

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