TagWhat Social Augmented Reality Network

Forgive me for posting this on April 1st. I feel like anything on the Internet is suspect today.

TagWhat looks to be a mixing of Foursquare, texting, and Yelp with a dash of augmented reality thrown in for good measure.  I’ll let the makers of TagWhat explain their product since I haven’t experienced it for myself:

Tagwhat is a new kind of social network focused on creating and distributing mobile augmented reality.

Mobile augmented reality, or AR, is a new way of displaying information in the mobile device, at the user’s location, over the live camera view of the mobile device.  Essentially, but placing data over real life, we ‘augment’ reality in ways that hopefully make your life richer.

In Tagwhat, we interact with maps to place text, urls, photos, or videos anywhere on the globe.  By following others in Tagwhat, users are able to merge the AR worlds of others’ with their own to form a completely unique social experience.

Beyond a status update or a location check-in, Tagwhat is a brand new way of reaching friends, communicating, socializing, delivering information, entertaining, and learning.  Tagwhat’s approach means higher quality interaction with brands, companies, customers, students, viewers, fans, and visitors.  The possibilities for you to discover and invent, meet and connect, are endless.

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  1. Please let me know if you’d like a tour. I’d be delighted to demo Tagwhat.

  2. Dave – send me an email at carpe (at) centurytel.net and I’d like to hear more about it.

  3. Yes, theres certainly a gap at the moment for this stuff at the moment. Most AR is about 1 to many style communication. More social 11 or groupgroup communication is missing.

    This does strongly overlap with what my group is doing…effectively we see Wave protocol as perfect back-end for this sort of front end functionality.

  4. Following was also posted at The Future Digital Life:

    Thanks for the post. To clarify, Tagwhat allows users to create their own AR tags in a matter of minutes and share their AR experiences with their Tagwhat followers. We use an on-line map interface to place AR anywhere in the world. One can also place AR via mobile. To be slightly techie, each user gets his or her own global grid upon which content can be placed via a map interface. Others can ‘follow’ that grid, thereby merging its contents with their own. Tagwhat can be used for countless purposes, some of which are offered as suggestions to users on each page of the on-line network via a scroll in the upper left. In addition to placing AR tags, users can comment on them, edit tags, and much, much more is planned. Each user also gets a media center and private messaging center. Channels are coming. We are in the Android market and soon will be in iTunes. We are very proud of our product, which we believe represents a practical and interactive base upon which AR communities can be built. We are now in private beta. If anyone would like a private beta code, please contact me.

    Dave Elchoness
    CEO, Iryss, maker of Tagwhat

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