The Future of AR Browsers

Swiss augmented reality company kooaba and ETH Zurich have joined forces to create a rather impressive augmented reality browser prototype, which I’ll refer to as the Koo (since it lacks any official name). Unlike existing browsers out there, the Koo doesn’t rely on GPS and compass readings to decide what’s in front of it, but rather on image recognition techniques.

The object (be it a book or a whole building) is identified on kooaba’s servers and is tracked live on the phone itself. And it doesn’t require a custom made mobile phone to work, any modern phone that allows access to its live video stream should suffice (literally, the Nexus One). The result looks amazing, though we should be careful to judge according to a demo video:

Head over to kooaba’s site to read more about the Koo and to see another video of it in work.

3 Responses

  1. […] @augmented.  Rouli is known for his sharp and comprehensive AR commentary on Augmented Times and Games Alfresco.  Cool […]

  2. Cool stuff!
    Cant see this working on its own, your going to what gps as well, but for tracking this looks powerfull.

  3. @Thomas yes – they use GPS to assist the image recognition algorithm.

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