Junaio 2010 Dev Contest Winner – archINFORM

I recently participated as a judge in the Junaio 2010 Dev Contest.  After a good debate, the panel of judges picked the winner — archINFORM.  The channel gives the user information about architectural structures in an AR view port.  Augmented reality fits the use of this channel because it’s an immediate need one might have while walking around, and sightseeing often involves picture taking so why not use your smartphone to learn more about those ancient buildings.

If you’re wanting to make in impact in Junaio, or with any AR app, try to consider why you’re using augmented reality in the first place.  archINFORM won because it was a natural extension of our everyday activities.  It added to the architectural database by making it visual.  Taking other popular applications and just linking them through Junaio, or other services, doesn’t lend itself to a useful product.

And I’m hoping Metaio decides to do another contest now that Glue is live.  I think the potential and creative applications could be quite interesting and I hope they give me a chance to judge again because I enjoyed the discussion with the other judges.

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  1. Wen a company so old as Metaio has to have a cockamemie contest wie dis you know the software is stinkt. AR ist not about looking at a building dumbkopfs.

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