New Yearly Linkfest

As you may have guessed this passing week was very slow in augmented reality news (or any news for that matter). Nevertheless, I scoured the web and bring you this weekly linkfest.

What a better way to start the new year than playing a round of augmented golf? That’s exactly what the students at Rochester Institute of Technology thought when they came up with this game that doesn’t require an entire fairway.

have a happy new yeAR!

2 Responses

  1. The question is; has AR flattened as a search term because the number of people interested is falling, or because they already know what it is ?

    I’m not sure I agree its a make or break year myself…as I think AR is too fundimentaly usefull to ever die. Its just a question of the speed of uptake.
    A good year now and it will be clear sailing.
    A bad year now and it could need a “reboot” of interest in about 5 years when more accurate gps comes online.

  2. (btw, I replied here because signing up to the other site needs both a invite..which Tish supplied…AND to give them read/write access to my facebook account, which seemed a little much)

    Anyway, my predictions this year;
    a) ARwave finally actually gets something out to show people ;)
    b) Google enters AR ver small steps; updates google maps, lattude marker overlays.
    c) Someone demos realtime image-based location from a city skyline.

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