Bionic Eye Resurfaces as Fire Fighter in new Augmented Reality Game for the iPhone

Presselite announces new AR iPhone game:

Our new project has been revealed today, we are very proud to announce a new Augmented Reality game called Firefighter 360 for the iPhone 3GS.

We actually used our Augmented Reality engine developed for Bionic Eye application to create this little game.

In this life-saving fire-person shooter, you play as a firefighter, rather than gunning down enemies, you will have to douse virtual flames spreading very fast in your real environment. As you physically turn around 360 degrees with your iPhone, you have to methodically extinguish the flames you see, thanks to the camera. The fire itself isn’t just a static “enemy” to be dealt with. Flames will propagate and spread if you don’t put them down completely, the fire itself is capable of doing you harm if you’re not careful.

OK, nuff said. Let’s get it on the App store pronto.