Want your own augmented reality Geisha?

Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. announced a new augmented reality game. They call it Dennoh Figure ARis or Cyber Figure Alice (which only works in japanese thanks to the interchangeability of L and R in Japanese). Thanks Akki from Asiajin for bringing it to the western world. It is scheduled to hit Japan this fall.

Is it a breakthrough?
From a technical perspective we have seen similar implementations on the market – many covered in this blog’s demo category (see left sidebar). It’s based on the widely used marker AR technology (that is ‘widely’ within the narrow AR community).

What’s new about it is the theme chosen for this game: a high-school-graduate-in-training-geisha. This is a departure from the infant oriented magic books and wiz cubes, yet it doesn’t dwell with extreme practicality as the Fix-Your-Own-Car applications.

Enter the world of augmented reality for grown ups: here you can peep, poke (using the supplied cyber sticks), and peep at your own geisha.
The publisher describes her (according to Google’s translation of the product’s site) as “rich in the sensitivity of your desktop to make sure spectacular”. You may rephrase based on your own taste.

Now who will take it outdoors?

What if you could experience this non-intrusive interactivity with real people on the street?

Augmented Reality Made Simple in Flash

Make Me Pulse uncovered a Japanese innovation (from Saqoosha) making augmented reality a tad more accessible for the casual user.

This is as close to do-it-yourself-augmented-reality that I have seen so far: draw it yourself; no installation needed. Runs in flash. Very cool.

Check this movie, then try it yourself here.

More details on libraries and translations at MakeMePulse.

Thanks guys!