Enterprise Solutions in the Palm of Your Hand with Augmented Reality

When a large conservative corporation, the #1 enterprise software company in the world, adopts augmented reality technology to promote its new ecosystem site – you know AR is nearing a tipping point.

SAP is launching today its own AR flash based campaign to promote the ecohub.

Is it as slick as the Sasquatch campaign or as cool as the Star Trek app?
Well, keep in mind we are talking about an Enterprise Software company which is less about wowing customers and more concerned with providing value to its customers. And this app is no exception. Naturally the novelty factor still plays a role – but check out what it actually DOES.

SAP’s AR app simulates a search across various dimensions of its massive library of community-created solutions, and it allows you to pick your solution of choice!

A first app striving to be functional among a sea of AR gimmicks.

Full disclosure – I helped SAP produce this app just in time for its annual customer event with less than 3 weeks to put it together.  Programming credit goes to Patrick O’Shaughnessey

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