Kafkara – Augmenting Kafka

What is it about Franz Kafka’s masterpiece, The Metamorphosis, that bring so many to adapt it to new mediums?
Last year it was adapted to virtual reality, and now a new free Android application inspired by the salesman turned insect story has been released. Meet Kafkara:

It’s pretty basic right now, due to the fact that a single man is behind it. That man, Clive Cox had the following to say:

It allows you to take a picture of a person’s face which is then extracted and placed on a 3D avatar and shown in augmented reality. The avatar can be given a message or have one recorded which it can then speak on request. The app also allows ones to automatically create avatars from peoples facebook or twitter profiles (if they have a face in their profile picture) and the created avatar will be kept up to date with that person’s tweet/news feed.

More details on Kafkara.com